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The Cramm Award

More blogger recognition but I am almost caught up and that is a wonderful feeling! Cheila from Pink For Days nominated me for the Cramm Award – so thank you to Cheila! She reminds me of a Portuguese exchange student who lived in my dorms my freshman year of college, just the sweetest thing! Such a wonderful culture, anyway – rambling here!

The Rules (2)

This award was started by theCramm that I haven’t checked out before, but it looks neat.

3 Things About Me

  1. I of course, blog for myself but I also love that people read my stuff – who knew? I enjoy the community of bloggers that I feel like I am a part of, meeting other bloggers and reading their content. There is a real sense of camaraderie and I love getting on here each day, reading, commenting and following!
  2. Blog shopping! Yea, no lie – I tend to pick things up for the blog and it makes me feel so professional and stuffy which is silly but I really enjoy seeking out new trends and products, sharing new shops and all the fun stuff. But I set a budget early on so as not to get carried away which can happen quick 😉
  3. Creating new content keeps me motivated, challenging myself to take new and better photos which I still struggle with. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and sharing things out of the ordinary. I expanded my blog to include some fashion, lifestyle and even food – I didn’t want such a narrow focus and I should be better at adding variety. I am literally eating all of the time, I could have a whole food blog 😀

3 Things About Me (1)

  1. I hate it when people who I know in real life find my blog, it is just weird or is that weird to think it’s weird? Someone asked me what the point was – to which my response was – what is the point of anything? I mean, honestly – why does anyone do anything? Sometimes there isn’t a deeper meaning, I enjoy it – that is the point. I do have some close friends who diligently read my posts – they definitely motivate me.  I almost peed my pants when a friend mentioned that she picked up a BB cream that I raved about, I felt so important! And of course, anyone who reads my content on here. When I get on here, I feel like I am just having a conversation with friends and you feel that way too!!
  2. The BF, it was really on his suggestion that I started it anyway!
  3. My favourite, big time bloggers who are so posh and glamorous – freaking Zoella. PSA – some of her products are now available at ULTA, you know I am there. I’ve said it before that I have no end game here but it is fun to think about the what if’s.

3 Things About Me (2)

I’d like to say that I just want to be a good person but it seems like there is so much bad in the world that this now sounds so naive. But I really do just want to be a good person, a kind person, someone who works for the weak in hopes to make a change in someone else’s life. But so often it seems like there are more bad people than good people churned out every day. For now, not lose faith in man-kind and just be a good person.

3 Things About Me (3)

The challenge question(s) I was given; What do you do better than anyone else and what do you love about yourself? Hrrmmmmm…I have to say that I am a pretty good listener, I am patient and sometimes it is important to let other people talk and vent. I am tremendously good at it because I hate talking about myself 🙂 This isn’t really a ‘skill’ but ask anyone – I am pretty good at it. Aaannnddd…I guess I like my skin? Can I say that? Is that conceited, probably? I just take really good care of it and it’s nice, it has come a long way. Haha! Not for nothing though – my manicurist also says I have pretty skin so that makes me feel good 😀 So a not conceited thing that I like about myself is that I am kind, I wanted to be a nun for the longest time – sometimes I feel I should have still done that. I enjoy cussing too much though, there is something about a really well placed cuss word.

Again, I am a cheater and nominate anyone and everyone who wants to do this one! My challenge question for you: If you could be granted absolute knowledge of a higher being, would you want to know? Absolute knowledge being nothing short of probably being visited by said higher being. Be sure to tag me if you do this one!

That’s it – thanks or stopping by ❤

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  1. Congrats on your award! I also don’t really share my blog with people I know but I also don’t try to hide it haha. I would find it kinda weird though if someone I knew and didn’t specifically tell about my blog found it though. If someone has, they haven’t mentioned it to me!

  2. Congrats! This was so cool, I haven’t seen this award before! There is nothing naive about wanting to be a good person lovely xxxx

    • Thank you! I hadn’t heard of it either, their blog is very cool. I appreciate that, thanks for reading 😘

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