30 Minute Makeup Routine

As I am writing this post I do not have a May box yet and Wednesday Reveal will be back next week! So today I am going to talk about fool-proof makeup products that haven’t let me down (so far) and can all be applied in about 30 minutes. I cannot say how many times I’ve decided to try something new on a whim, usually when I am running late and it goes totally awry. This is my quick and dirty beauty routine!


Primer – Even when you don’t have time to prime, you still gotta’ prime 🙂 My every day primer is the Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle. This is a thin primer that absorbs almost immediately and works well with any foundation that I have tried it under. It does enough for my skin that I don’t need to use a pore filler necessarily.


Foundation – I skip foundation and use the detox BB from Dr. Jart+ instead as it looks like my skin but better. This stuff just melts into the skin and is easy to build but the coverage is so good that I don’t really need to apply too terribly much.


Conceal –  I love the Glossier Stretch Concealer as it is so easy to apply without brushes and is opaque enough to cover blemishes and dark circles instead of having to use 2 different products.

Set – The translucent Coty Airspun all day, everyday. There are days where I may only use this to set under-eyes but I use it everyday for something.

Blush – I go for luminous in a hurry as I can dust the excess on my forehead and nose for a little more glow all with the same brush. For this, I recommend a palette so that you can pick up a few colours – or hell, all of the colours 😛


Eyeshadow – Some days you just don’t need 6 different shadows but I’ll do anything duo-chrome if I am only using 1 shadow. Urban Decay’s Moondust shadows are perfect for single shadow days. You also don’t need to prime these, at least I don’t – skip brushes and pat out with finger tips. For liner I just smudge in a dark brown shadow, no time for liquid.

Lashes – Arguably the only mascara that I can achieve lush, fluffy lashes with is by Buxom. I think the secret is in that phat wand but my lashes look lovely with 3 (OK, 6) strokes.


Lips – I never skimp on lips because sadly, I have a hard time wearing gloss. For a quick lip I have been using the UD bullets as they are easy to apply and toss in my bag.

Setting Spray – UD’s De-slick as it is the quickest drying and packs some serious lasting power.

Those are my stand by’s – what are your most dependable products?

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