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I just got a notification that the new Creator OS will be deployed soon and I am just so pissed. I literally just got fully functional with 10 – I struggle with 10 because the claim to fame was, Oohh, it is so sleek. It looks like apps. If I wanted to work in apps, I would work on my tablet. Stop just doing stupid things and claiming that it’s better – it isn’t. Just give me my Nokia brick phone and leave me alone.

I don’t have any empties to share, I had a lip balm and a face spray – nothing exciting. However, I do have a few favourites and one complete dud to share with you!


Let’s start with makeup, I have the Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder in pink that I have been using every, single day. (PSA – they are having a sitewide 30% off sale starting at 9AM PST). This powder is brightening and so finely milled that it really feels like nothing on the skin – really lovely.

Next is the PUR No Filter primer that I don’t want to love and shouldn’t love because it is so gold and shimmery but it is amazing. I don’t know how it works but it is lovely as primer but I have also been mixing it with my matte foundations to sheer them out and it it glorious that way too.

Finally, still going strong with the Hoola Lite πŸ™‚


A couple of skincare items, the Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balms have been obsessively on repeat. Really, any of the flavours – this is pink champagne and smells like roses. My one empty was the cocoa butter flavour. These are super affordable, can be worn under matte lipstick and pack so much hydration.

I am in that phase where my regular face creams feel too heavy during the day and make my makeup tacky. I have had a bottle of Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid on hand for the last 10 years (not this bottle) and I bust it out when I want hydration that I can’t feel. This is a fluid, very lightweight but keeps skin really hydrated – smells nice too.


What is summer without face mist – I ask you. The Milk Makeup Fact Mist is what I have been layering on right after I am done with my base – I wouldn’t recommend as a total face setting spray. It has rice bran in it that keeps my base super matte, it also has loads of other lovely botanicals and ginger apparently. This shit is spendy though so I don’t know if it will be a repurchase.

A surprising favourite was the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara. I hate their Roller Lash – with that brush they should call it Stabby Lash. That mascara does nothing for me, ULTA had an offer that if you purchased a certain dollar amount that you would get a free full-size of that mascara. Pass. Well, my ULTA was out of the Stabby Lash and I got this one for free instead. I love it, it is super black and easy to build – it lasts all day without flaking or smudging, super surprised.


My May Fail is the Bare it All foundation from PUR, I thought that this would be a sheer, fuss-free foundation to wear during the summer.


This stuff is awful, there are about 2 shades (8 actually, I think) so good luck finding a match. I ordered the 2 lightest and neither is a good match for me and there are about 3 shades that could be in between them. It stinks, it feels like rubbing sunscreen on your face. It is streaky, it oxidizes and it is just a mess. I will do a full review – I think that I will have to put them both on my face so that you can see how terrible the shades are. Cute holo-package, love the low maintenance tube design but gag. Ugh. Review soon.

That’s kinda’ it. I have a few products that I am using everyday so that I can use them up but not necessarily favourites. Looking at you vegan-all natural deodorant. You guys, I really want to wear it and I want it to work for me but I dunno. I will review it when I get through this tube. Anyway, that’s it – what did you love this month? Have you tried any of these?

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