Anti-Haul #5

It is Tuesday but definitely feels like a Monday plus it is overcast and cold.I am not feeling the summer vibes but still have some plants to pot! I am supposed to be striking vibes from my lexicon but it’s so hard. It’s like when you are told not to think about something and then all you can think of is that one thing. Don’t think about zebras – go 😛 Side note – I am listening to The Girl on the Train and she just bought gin and tonic in cans. Is that a thing? Does anyone know?

I think I am due for an anti-haul, even though I keep buying things that I am supposed to have anti-hauled. Well, only 2 things – that isn’t terrible, talk about no will power though! There are a couple of releases that I am actually really excited about but I am seeing so many things where I am like – really, but why? Who needs this? To start, we have the Clay Play Face Shaping Palette from tarte. It’s like shap-wear, for your face. What kind of slogan is that!? Has a single member of the creative team at tarte ever worn shape-wear – it’s torture! Aside from the shitty slogan, you get 12 shadows that are multi-tasking and can be used on brows, nose and various other areas of your face. These are the Amazonian  clay formula which is a little powdery, I just think it sounds like a mess and these shades are so boring. Go Kat Von D Shade and Light if you are looking for something similar, that palette is amazing and will satisfy any matte/neutral needs.


A couple of brands are releasing a luminizing foundation mix or skin enhancer, I feel like this is a continuation of the highlighter craze but at the end of the day – it really is just highlighter. How much highlight can one human being have on their face at one time – without looking psychotic? In fairness, I typically just wear my makeup to work and I love a good highlight but it can get away from you real quick. I just think these are unnecessary.

I am also having to anti-haul all highlighting powders, reason being that I should be doing the Highlighter Challenge everyday in order to justify even half of my collection. And it takes for-ever to hit pan as I use so little product, I just cannot own anymore with good conscience. Also, Urban Decay – aren’t those shades that you already released and just put in a quad!? I think I am skipping on all of their summer releases, like how about just making a foundation that doesn’t oxidize – ya’ jerks.

Finally, I am anti-hauling any products recommended by a beauty guru that they did not pay for (even Tati). I don’t think that you attach the same expectations to something that you got for free or on sale as you would something that you shelled out full-price for. I have purchased plenty of products on sale and I try not to give them a pass if they suck but sometimes I am less apt to be as judgmental simply because I paid less. I get the free marketing part but you also have to consider that it isn’t free, the cost to send out those ridiculous, over the top PR boxes is charged back to the actual consumer. This is why we are paying 40 bucks for an eye-dropper of product.

I think that is it, really – I am so tired of seeing the same, exact products being released in new packaging. I get that if one brand sees that a product is wildly popular that of course, other brands want to release something of similar popularity – but again, how much of one product does a person need?!

That’s it! Now, I really am going to stick to this 😛 Are there any releases that you are excited about this summer?

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  • stashy

    Do you think something has got to give in the beauty world? Honestly, I’ve never seen such backlash and general fatigue from the beauty community than now. Maybe we’re all just becoming smarter consumers? I honestly have more highlighters than I’ll ever use in a lifetime…

    • Stella

      Eventually, absolutely. This level of consumerism isn’t sustainable, it used to be that most brands would release seasonal collections and now it’s constant – I don’t see how this can be profitable. I think that we will start seeing brands drop off or be purchased by the big conglomerates. Urban Decay, TooFaced, etc. I cannot recall when this mania around makeup started, if it’s just that the products are more accessible but it has really blown up in the last decade or so. I think we are getting smarter, we have to be when you have so many options. You and me both and I didn’t even know I needed the stuff until a year ago 😂

  • Ella May Garrett

    I love anti-haul posts, I think they are a great idea. Any honesty in the beauty community is greatly appreciated!! “How much highlight can one human being have on their face at one time – without looking psychotic?” This line actually killed me, love your posts xxx

    • Stella

      Thank you 😊 They are some of my fav posts to write!! I agree, I feel like we are just constantly being sold more stuff with less integrity. Appreciate the read 😘

  • lifewithmrst

    I completely agree with you and love Anti Hauls. The beauty industry has been taking consumers for mugs for way too long. Why are these brands constantly releasing new stuff, from what I can see tarte eyeshadow palletes are all the same, what is the need.

    • Stella

      I agree! So many of the products look exactly the same but they keep releasing them as though they are new and we need them. It is beyond ridiculous. Thanks for reading 😘

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