Anti-Haul #4

I had a nightmare (yes, an actual nightmare) that I did not prepare name tags for an upcoming meeting. Usually I am pretty easy going but also very detail oriented and I don’t forget things like that – apparently this is the stuff that nightmares are made of 😛

I keep seeing new releases and sneak peeks and does it ever end!? Admittedly, there are so many things that I want but so few things that I need. Here is what I am not buy anytime soon!

Limited Edition anything – I am over it, what happened to brands releasing collections? If it isn’t good enough to be a part of the permanent collection, then I don’t need it. Again, I feel like this is a way for brands to sell product fast before the reviews are in and I think it is shady. I am not even taking a chance on limited items from brands that I know to be consistently good quality.

Not only is this next item limited edition it is also so tacky – I’m sorry, the BECCA & Chrissy Teigen Glow Face palette looks like children’s makeup. The packaging is so lacking in the creativity and elegance that we have come to expect from this brand that it feels like a knock-off! And the shades? Seen ’em, I mean – we have actually seen some of them as they have already been released in other mediums. I imagine the formula will be good and if you love Chrissy Teigen this might be for you…? Pass.


The Naked Skin Shapeshifter because I for one am done with contouring and I don’t need 9 additional pans of contouring/highlighting product to convince me of this. You get 5 cream pans and 4 powder pans, this to me feels like a pro product that is being marketed to the regular consumer and it is unnecessary. In the words of Nick Barose:



Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Eclipse Skin Frost – Ugh, I want this because I am a Mannyac but couldn’t he just release it on his own?! I have heard so many mixed reviews about this product and formula, it looks gorgeous but I don’t want to be disappointed. I am putting it in writing to keep from tempting myself. But don’t hate me if I purchase it anyway 🙁


For the summer I am also ant-hauling all matte, liquid lippies because I wear them so infrequently during the summer and am already worried about the tubes that I have needing to be tossed. I don’t care if it is the newest, most-cutting edge, best you will have in your lifetime formula – it must wait until fall. But of course it will be limited edition so I’ll miss it anyway 😛

Those are all of the products that I am not buying (so far) this summer – it might be a fairly low-buy season if everything keeps being released as limited but that is OK, I should save up and go to Disney Land or get more tattoos. Although, my last tattoo was so excruciatingly painful that I don’t know if I can get another one. I don’t know what happened, my pain tolerance decreased…? Or I got old, probably just got old. Are you skipping any of these items?

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    • Stella

      I know!! I am unsure of when that became so prevalent but I feel like we see celebrity endorsements too often now. Thanks for reading <3

  • starringpamela

    I vote Disney Land! 😀 Haha I agreed when you mentioned the new Naked product being for pros but marketed for regular consumers. It seems like a waste, no one needs that much unless you’re doing makeup on various other people. Anyway your nightmare sounds like something I would have 😓 when I started my current job I would have dreams that people were calling my cell in the mornings before I even woke up and went to work! It was terrible!

    • Stella

      I love reading these posts too – had to give it a go!! Agreed, it’s good to be talked out of something you don’t need 😄 Thanks for reading!!

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