Product of the Week – Violet Voss

I feel as though tights and panty hose were invented for the purpose of just torturing women. My tights literally pull all the way up to my bra line – who has a torso this long?! Do I just not have an adult sized torso? I tell you what I don’t have adult sizes of, ear canals – reason why I’ve spent 70% of my life with chronic ear infections. I was that ultra-ginger kid in the pool with ear plugs if I was allowed in the pool at all. Anyway, why was I wearing tights in 70 degree weather?! I swear to Moses that the high was supposed to be 51 which is acceptable tights weather. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off all day.

It was tough to pick a product this week, I am using a lot of the same products in my everyday routine which is nice and many products I have already talked about before but too bad!! I am not totally sure that I have given a comprehensive review of this palette anyway and it is a favourite – the Holy Grail palette from Violet Voss is the product of the week and for good reason! This palette is also a disaster, I apologize – I do use it everyday. Looking at the photos, it is completely pulverized 😀


The formula of these shadows is second to none in my opinion. I knew that I would love the metallics and gravitate to them but this is the first palette that I have actually enjoyed using the matte shadows too. I failed to understand the concept of a transition shade for the longest time, I know what it is in theory but finding a shadow that actually helped shadows blend and didn’t apply patchy or skip was a big issue for me. Now that I have these matte shadows that are such a breeze to use, this is probably my favourite makeup step. Does anyone notice the transition shaded? Doubtful, but it is there dammit. I am drooling over their new all-matte palette, if the formula is the same then I know I need it. The metallic shadows can also be used wet for a foil look and the satin shades are buttery and versatile. There is not a bad one in the bunch, even the reds and cranberries are easy to use which I find can be the dud shades in palettes. This palette is fantastic all around, it retails at $45/20 pans and I am pretty certain that it is in stock at the moment. While it is larger, it is thin and I have not had issues with sticking it in my bag for travel. If you love warm looks and want one palette that will give you endless combinations for achieving those looks – this palette is for you!



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