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Confession – I am obsessed with (Sir) Michael Caine, I will watch him in anything. I prefer 1960-1980 Caine when he had the fabulous hair and polyester suits but if he is in a film – I am there. What a treasure. I am currently watching Pulp but Dressed to Kill is probably my favourite and I am going to watch it next.


This is a rant so get ready, recently PUR Cosmetics was having a BOGO sale on their site. Amazing, how many high end brands do this? None that I know of and I stocked up, I love their under eye gel, face mist, cleansers and foundations and still cannot believe the deal I got. The very first product that I ever purchased from them and that is a must have for me is their Miracle Mist Hydrating Setting Spray – this stuff is glorious. This mist is packed with minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and smells delightfully citrusy. I love it for summer, before makeup, after makeup – I am obsessed with this spray. This product also used to be a steal of a deal at $18 for 8 ounces – so imagine my disappointment when I paid $18 and received 4 ounces. Now shame on me, I had read that they were offering a new size but assumed this was in addition to the 8 oz. and since I was paying the same price I figured I was getting the amount of product that I am accustomed to. I emailed their CS team at the very least expecting a refund because what kind of idiot would pay the same amount for the 1/2 the product and also wanted to know what the new size being offered was as I only saw 1 size on the website. This is the size, there is only one size, one 4 oz. size. The CS rep also let me know that customers are, ‘ecstatic about this new more convenient size for their beauty bags.’ You show me the person who is ecstatic about paying the same amount for 1/2 the product and I will show you a moron. You see, I am that customer who travels with their 8 oz. bottle of spray because I am high-maintenance and I have big ol’ high-maintenance tote that all of my bullshit goes into including a smaller handbag that I pull out if I am just running to lunch and can part with my face mist – I am that consumer. If I want my products in a smaller bottle, I have bottles for that – I am not ecstatic. Here’s what I think happened, the head honchos at PUR got together and decided that since every other high-end brand peddles their mists and sprays at upwards of $24 for 4 ounces and gets away with it that they would do that same. Don’t lie to me and tell me that your customers requested this – why not offer a 4 ounce (less expensive) option in addition to the 8 ounces?! Why not buy 2 bottles, then it is like having 8 ounces – right? Wrong. I will not be repurchasing this product, I think this is dishonest and it is taking advantage of people who love your products. This is why I am a paranoid consumer, there is so little loyalty to consumers.

This is a really fabulous spray and yea, this is the going rate for sprays of this nature and maybe it doesn’t bother others but it irritates me. I definitely appreciate the BOGO sale and since I bought 2, I really did get 8 ounces for $18 but joke’s on them as this will be my last purchase from them. Sorry, it’s #purbullshit πŸ˜›


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