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I have been scouring the inter-web 😛 for indie beauty brands that I have not tried and keep running into Jelly Pong Pong, I have not heard of this brand but am definitely curious. The packaging just speaks to me, they are cruelty and have a few vegan products – any UK beauties out there, have you used this brand or know anything about it?

Again, I feel like such a jerk because I anti-hauled this product and then I placed my PUR sale order figured that if I was getting it for free then I wouldn’t feel like such a hypocrite. The No Filter Blurring Photography Primer can be used on bare skin, under foundation or mixed with foundation for an instant radiance booster. This product claims to moisturize, color-correct, prime and illuminate with prismatic blurring micro-pearls. This little, teenie-tiny, itty-bitty, microscopic .5 oz. vile retails for $33. I find this price point completely ridiculous so lets just get that out of the way. I do really like the actual bottle, it is frosted but holographic if that makes any sense…? It comes with a dropper but my dropper does not work, it doesn’t suck up the product so I just deposit the product onto finger tips and pat into my skin. I was expecting this to be oily, similar to the oil primer from Smashbox that my skin adores but it is actually a little gritty. It is definitely shimmery, I used roughly 4-5 drops and started massaging into my skin and then panicked because…


They are not joking about the instant radiance boost but I was not expecting an all-over gold sheen. Yea – my skin looked great because it was reflective, not totally the look I go for. It does feel really fabulous and light-weight on application, I let it be and moved onto my eye makeup and was really delighted that this product settled down quite a bit and I did have a nice, subtle glow. I decided not to use a pore filling primer as I wanted to see how this primer would perform on its own and it did great, my foundation layered on very smooth, it didn’t break up and lasted a good 8 hours. I was expecting to be super shiny by the end of the day and while I was oily (to be expected) I felt like this product did everything it said it was going to. I don’t think that it did anything for my pores and while it didn’t dry my skin out, I am unsure if it really moisturized anything. It is very glowy, I have worn it under matte, luminous and satin-matte foundation so far and it still looks lovely. I have paired it with my matte primer stick and it plays nice with other primer. I personally do recommend letting it totally dry down before jumping into your foundation routine as I think it would look too gold otherwise. I am not certain that I would mix this with my foundation, I see that being a recipe for a big, sparkly disaster.


I really enjoy this product so far – I think it is going to be great for summer since I cannot tan, I will be able to get some glow. I am curious to see how it holds up to sweat and humidity. Now, would I spend $33 on it – no, no I wouldn’t and you better believe that I am going to on the hunt for a dupe. If you have some points to spend or can get it on sale – I’d recommend picking it up if you want a luminous priming product. PUR is on my shit list so I won’t be picking it up again any time soon – so I don’t really recommend it 😛



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  • stashy

    I’ve heard of Jelly Pong Pong – they were making the rounds in beauty boxes awhile back. I seem to recall blushes? I’ve not tried anything by them so I’m of no help!
    Glad you got this on sale – but why is PUR on your shit list?

    • Stella

      Haha! I might have to check them out, I just get worried with makeup shipping from overseas. I mean, I guess it is all the same now days but I feel like it would be pulverized. Ah! They cut the amount of my fav facial spray in half but left it at the same price. Just lame, I have been buying from them for years and it feels so disloyal. It’s a little thing but companies seem to be doing this type of thing more and more…

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