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If there is something that I don’t love about living in an apartment it’s the smell of other people. We are pretty lucky to live in such a quiet, small building but I swear that the neighbors on both sides of me don’t take out their garbage – chronically. I came home when we first moved here and the apartment smelled like garbage so I emptied the trash and cleaned the kitchen, next day it still smelled like garbage so I cleaned the fridge, the oven, the pantries and even ran hot water through the dish washer just in case. It still smelled of garbage, then the hallway started smelling like garbage and then I knew. Now that the weather is warm their garbage must just be marinating – just take your fucking garbage out. Drives me insane. Side note, I found these cute little plants yesterday:


For Sample Saturday I have two products from Cargo, I received one in a Birchbox and one in a LipMonthly. I had never tried this brand before, I know that they have been around for awhile but didn’t seem like a brand that would be for me.  Their foundation comes in this bag that reminds me of intravenous electrolytes. They do have a couple of eye-shadow palettes that look lovely but I’ve passed on the brand for whatever reason. The products that I received are a St. Tropez eye-shadow and Water Resistant Bronzer that doesn’t specify a shade name. Quite a lot of their makeup seems to be water resistant, which I can appreciate as it definitely helps combat humidity but not something that I typically look for in products.


St. Tropez is a natural beige shimmer that is just stunning, totally a colour that I wear everyday. The formula reminds me a lot of ColourPop, it feels very cushion-y but I find that it can be applied with a brush just as well as with finger tips. The colour pay-off is perfect and it’s a very flattering shade, the full-size retails at $16. The shade range is a tad limited but they have some lovely options and I would definitely give some others a whirl.


The Water Resistant Bronzer is shimmery which I just cannot do a shimmery bronzer, it is also a tad orange. This particular bronzer only comes in 1 shade but they do offer other bronzers in an array of shades. The formula is very similar to the shadow, blends really well and has fantastic opacity, I have been using this as a shadow with the St. Tropez. The full-size retails for $29, unsure if I would use any of their bronzers – they all look a tad dark for me.



Both products are fabulous, I love the packaging and the formula is rich and easy to work with. Not totally keen to try more of the brand outside of their eye-shadows but this was a nice introduction.

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