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Trying On: It Cosmetics

Well, spring could be here…? We’ve had some cold days and I fell comfortably back into winter but alas. I did have so much fun at the garden center and am excited to get the pots out on the deck to see if we can get some bees interested! Eventually, I will be venturing outside more and this means protecting my skin. I have been doing a lot of peeling and exfoliating and have been a little worried about using enough sunscreen, my skin doesn’t get along with sunscreen in general. It makes me itch, it stings, it makes me break out and 10 times more so on my face. When I see makeup with SPF I tend to gravitate towards it as they don’t bother my skin as much, enter It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Serum Foundation packing SPF 50 and a whole host of other incredible, skin changing benefits.


This brand is apparently formulated by plastic surgeons and I have to ask, what does this even mean? Do I use these products before or after plastic surgery – I mean…does this make sense to anyone? It’s like a glass eyeball manufacturer selling bi-focals, it doesn’t make sense. I’m offensive, that was dark but seriously. I have used the Confidence in a Cream before and eh, it was nice but I didn’t really experience anything amazing. I used about 3 jars so did get a really good run out of it but didn’t become a life long customer. This foundation is formulated with that same cream so I figured it was going to be fabulous for my complexion. I am not typing out all of the claims because I already dedicated way too much time to dinking with this foundation, here are the claims from ULTA’s site:


This foundation retails at $38/.63 oz and comes in 7 shades. It isn’t a cushion foundation although the compact is more similar to cushion products than cream compact products. For me, the cons start with the packaging – too bulky and there is so little product in here that I wouldn’t have it long enough for it to dry out thus negating the necessity for the flap thing. Second, it is only offered in 7 shades and claims to be a full coverage foundation so you are getting a lot of pigment and you probably aren’t going to get a perfect shade that won’t look like a foundation mask. I swatched 2 – fair for ultra porcelain complexions and light for fair complexions with more warmth. I have a lot of pink in my skin, porcelain shades are usually too yellow and this was the case here so I went with Light. I did not buy the special $48 brush because WTF is that, when did we start needing product specific brushes? I own really great brushes that work well with most products, lots of them being It Cosmetics brushes – they do make a really great brush and I don’t need this brush. Moving on, the consistency of this foundation is glorious, it feels cool and creamy and just so good while applying. I also really enjoyed the scent, it smells like lemons but just a hint of lemon – I was expecting it to smell like sunscreen.  I was able to get a lot of coverage out of it, I was kinda’ surprised at this being an issue for others – I have areas of red pigment and had no issue covering it with one layer. I was curious to see how it would build, not that it needed building but gave it a whirl and found that once that one layer is down you can’t really add another layer – it started getting really patchy. And forget about blending, I tried brushes, sponges, finger tips – forget it (still not buying that freaking brush). Also, yea – you only need 1 layer but it feels like 10! I felt every molecule of foundation, it was gross and sticky and bleh. I also felt that even though it is packed with a really thick, creamy moisturizer that it exaggerated so much texture and clung to dry patches.  This made zero sense to me. It was fairly tough to blend on the neckline because the shade was so bad, I looked like I fake tanned my face – it was ghastly! I wore it for a day and regretted it, honestly – I regretted it within the first few hours. Per usual, I hit YouTube to see what I was doing wrong and tried again because I’m a masochist and regretted it even more. I was so creasy and pissed off by the end of the day, maybe the idea is that this product will make your bare skin look great but look like shit while you are actually wearing it? I dunno. I don’t recommend, I have combination skin that can get very oily with some texture in case you are wondering. I cannot even say who this would work on!




I hate it so much that I am actually returning it – I feel terrible but I just won’t subject someone else to this product! I did pick up a couple of other products from this brand…I am afraid to try them 🙁

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    • Stella

      It was the worst – I returned it today actually and still felt bad about it but there was just no way. I picked up a CC cream, their new under eye cream which is like their original face cream with some added tint and 2 of the new blusher/bronzer/highlighter pans they came out with. I don’t know, we shall see. I remember the cream being nice but not amazing for the cost. Anyway, I will post about the other products as soon as I get to using them!

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