What’s in My Bag – Summer Edition

I picked up the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Serum Foundation because Allure told me it would change my life. The editors at Allure are liars. I thought I would love this because it is formulated with their signature cream and it has loads of SPF and anti-aging benefits. I hate it, I am wearing it right now and I just want to slap my face off of my face. I will share a full review at another time but until then, literally the worst.

Seeing as how I have felt the need to touch my face a billion times today, I thought it would be a good day for an updated What’s in my Bag post. I don’t touch up at work a lot in the less humid months but I already know what fresh hell awaits and have been getting my humidity essentials ready. Think powder– lots and lots of powder.

So to start, we are going to talk about some powder 😛 My go to powder that I don’t wear as an all over face powder but it is amazing as a touch up, mattifying powder is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder Foundation. Depending on where my tan (sunburn) is at, I use either warm or cool fair. This powder is very drying, even with my oily skin I cannot use it on the daily as my only foundation though it does provide a ton of coverage and I wish I could. When it is humid and my face is melting off, this is the perfect powder to cover shine and touch up creases. I use the sponge applicator that it comes with but it gets funky quick and swap it out with beauty rounds when needed.


Second most important product after powder is some kinda’ face mist and I think that the only one that I love and use constantly that also comes in a travel size is the Mario Badescu Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater. I love this for summer when it’s sticky as it is refreshing and smells lovely without being sickly sweet. I don’t wear a lot of perfume in the summer, I feel like everything smells like rotting fruit from July to October and it grosses me out.


For lips, I always keep a balm on hand and currently am using the rose Balm dotcom by Glossier. Roses and summer just makes sense to me, they smell so fresh and simple – I use a ton of rose products.


I do also take along whatever lip colour I am wearing that day just in case. Today was Cashmere from LimeCrime – surprise, surprise. This colour is easy to wear, I have a tough time picking a lipstick that flatters my other makeup – do I match it to my blush? Do I go bold? This is just a nude that works with anything.

Lastly, I carry a mini-bottle of Hempz to keep my hands soothed and hydrated. Humidity really is worthless, it doesn’t really do anything to keep my skin moisturized.


Things that are less interesting but also good to have on hand include but are not pictured:

Makeup removing wipes since I can bank on my makeup smudging, I keep these on hand to clean up any mascara or liner that transfers. Also, if I just cannot deal with my lip colour any more and want to remove it I like to have these on hand.

I also always carry deodorant, side note here – does natural deodorant actually work for anyone? I tried to give it a whirl, actually more than once and it just doesn’t work for me. My most recent encounter was a clary sage and some other bullshit stick that smelled really good but in a few hours I smelled like what I imagine Woodstock smelt like…I dunno if it actually works.

I also carry Q-tips for various touch up needs, Benadryl because I am allergic to everything and an EPI because I am literally, allergic to everything. What’s in your summer bag?

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  • starringpamela

    Carrying deodorant is such a good idea! I don’t know exactly how natural Tom’s deodorant is but I know the one in the green packaging works for me. The one in the white does not!!!

    • Stella

      I’m always in situations that I feel need more deodorant 😂 I think that they are pretty natural, I’d check it out. Thanks for the tip 😄

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