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Palette Palooza – Part I

OK, place your bets now on how long I continue to use Roman numerals – I hate them. I think I am a generally intelligent person but I cannot do these, I am that jerk who will just say the letters when I run into them. I’m not even bad at math – what is wrong with me?

So, I finally got a drawer storage unit for my makeup collection and I am doing some cleaning and organizing. I own a ton of palettes, I am a self-proclaimed palette addict and I am making a pact with myself that I don’t get to purchase anymore (eye palettes) until I have gone through my entire collection and evaluated what I have. I don’t know why I love palettes so much, so many times I get home and start looking at them and there will be like 1 or 2 unique shades. But, there are some palettes that are packed with unique shades that I really love. I am unsure if this will be a series every so often or if I will pack these in all at once. I can’t lie, there are some palettes that are releasing fairly soon…so…this could be like 30 days of palettes 😛




Today I have the Venus II palette that I go through spurts of loving and using everyday and then I never touch it. Say what you will about this brand, their shadows have always been amazing. I have two of the OG quads (that no, I don’t still use) that I refuse to part with – I feel that they are a piece of 90’s nostalgia 😦 First impression of this palette was that none of the colour go together but I was so wrong. This is a very versatile palette that can be used for really vampy grunge looks or everyday bright looks – I love this palette. Bright blue is not a shade that I would usually be into but this is really pretty on the under-eye and the pastel green is a nice inner corner or center of the lid shade. Obviously I am totally into the mustard, rust and camel shades – such good fall shades. The shadows are buttery and ultra-pigmented but if you are like me and a little carefree with your application, they can be pretty easily diffused with a clean blending brush. I recently saw this pigment that had a warning about it possibly staining your skin – I’m out, I don’t need that kind of pressure. Anyway, there is just a ton that you can do with this palette, plus the outer package is a work of art. This is what originally piqued my interest in these palettes and the shadow quality was a pleasant surprise!


This retails at $34 for 6 pans and LimeCrime is a cruelty free brand! It is unique, versatile and good quality – definitely a favourite in my collection.

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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  1. I have the same issues with Roman numerals! They confuse me! I love that palette and I totally want to see 30 days of palettes haha!

    • Right? Who thought they made sense?! Haha! I’m considering it so I can be done before the Kat Von D Glimmer palette releases 😂

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