Twinkle Time

I have been attempting a thorough spring cleaning of the beauty room and have found some products that I have not used in awhile. Not because I didn’t like them, I clean my vanity every so often and put away products that I am just not using. It is fun to rediscover some of these items and swap them out for something that I have grown tired of. One such item that I found was the Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette – this is a 3 pan palette that I think is a part of the Rainforest of the Sea collection. Can we pause a moment? What the hell is a rainforest of the sea? I get that they have the whole Amazonian theme and blah, blah, blah but we all have to agree that tarte just made this up to keep with their aesthetic and it’s a stretch 😀



Anyway, the outer package of this palette is super lovely and feels sturdy. It does include a good sized mirror if you are here for that and can be tossed in a bag for travel. I really like the formula of this palette but apparently their highlighters have been reformulated and this one is a touch more powdery than others. That doesn’t bother me, it gives you a more subtle glow instead of a super wet, sheeny highlight. (Side note, I am addicted to the watermelon Lip Smacker – literally just slathering it on). Even though this palette only includes 3 pans, I think it is fairly versatile as the large pans are on such opposite ends of the tone spectrum. One is very yellow (sunlight) and one is very pink (moonlight), I can wear the pink alone but I mix the yellow with the pink when I want to wear it. The yellow also works as a really stunning brow bone highlight. The middle powder is not a true highlighting powder, it is a luminous setting powder and works great for setting under-eyes and adding a touch of light to them. I imagine that you can use it to set and add a little glow to wherever you’d like but this is how I primarily use it. The middle pan receives quite a lot of complaints but if you know what to expect, you will love it.



tarte highlighters might be my favourite formula and this palette is no exception. Yes, it is a touch more powdery than other highlighters out there but it is definitely usable and very lovely.


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