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Palette Palooza – Part II

Last night  I was eating a bag of broccoli, like you do and there were all of these little pine-cone shaped veggies that I had never seen before in the bag. I eat a lot of vegetables so to find one that I was not familiar with impersonating my broccoli was off-putting. It tasted fine, whatever it was – does anyone know though? Was it pine-cones, it was – wasn’t it?


Continuing with my palette collection, Palette Palooza Par Deux. I have the Styled by Hrush palette that was released by tarte I think back at Christmas…? I feel like that is when it came out, it was limited edition and you all know how I feel about that although I wasn’t as strict about not purchasing limited products back then. First off, the palette aesthetic is very Hrush – matte black faux leather and gold, class. Also, I think that it has a little vanilla scent to it? This palette includes 6 shadows and a matte blusher – so, I guess it is technically a face palette. I love the colour scheme of this one and couldn’t recall why I wasn’t using it but then I dipped my brush into it this morning and holy kick-up. These shadows are so ridiculously powdery, I think this is the Amazonian clay formula that I am just not a fan of. The shadows are very pigmented once you get them on the eye but the powder gets everywhere. I just don’t love super soft powders, I am too aggressive with my makeup application – I don’t fluff anything anywhere, I jab everything into my eye holes. (Side note, Jack Emory just liked my comment on his video and I am having a fan girl moment). So I find this palette tough to work with although, I did enjoy using it this morning even though it took some finessing. I think that if these shadows were just a little stiffer that this would be an everyday palette for me but I know that they take a little extra care to work with and I just don’t have time for that! The mattes are gorgeous, the shimmers are stunning and even the blusher is very lovely – it is a solid palette and I will try to use it more!



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