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Palette Palooza – Part III: The Palette Tag

I twisted my back pushing groceries into my car which is so lame, I never get injured doing something amazing like street fighting or parkouring. I have been thinking of getting a massage but I loathe them, they stress me out. I was getting stressed out just looking for an appointment. I don’t think they are relaxing or enjoyable and I always feel as though I am breathing too much – is that a thing, breathing too much? If I can manage to turn an everyday function into an extremity, I will. Maybe I will just go to the chiropractor – I don’t mind that so much. Quicker and less touching. Plus it’s not too enjoyable – growing up with my ultra-religious mom, I believe that pretty much anything that feels too good is a sin. Thanks, mom ๐Ÿ˜›

Today for Palette Palooza – I am cheating, I found a tag and can knock a few out together! I found this tag on Instagram so not totally sure where or who it originated from, enjoy! And while uploading photos, I realized that I have been using the same props in these – is this a theme?

1. What was your first palette? It was the original UD Naked that I literally just threw out last week. I really liked the flocked case design and have been disappointed with the new metal palettes – they feel cheap and I have had at least 1 shadow pop out of all of them which was never an issue with the original. It was well worn, the embossing had peeled off and the whole nine. I said before that I don’t know if I would purchase another one, at least not now when I have so many others. It is a solid, versatile palette and the shadow formula is perfect.

2. Your most recent purchase? That I have in my hot, medium sized hands? The Violet Voss Matte About You palette that is stunning, I will do a full review on it another time.



3. One that you regret missing out on? The freaking, over-priced, limited edition, warm toned palette of my dreams – the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette that sold out in like 12 seconds. I know, I know – I was going to break my limited edition rule for this one but didn’t get the chance. I have heard rumors that it will be a part of the permanent line so, maybe some day.

4. One that makes you happy to look at? Ermmm…the Neapolitan Eyescream palette from Beauty Bakerie (that is now sold out, probably thanks to Tati). This palette is too freaking cute, it looks like a happy little bakery on the outside and a waffle cone on the inside! The shadows are super gorgeous and great quality, it is just a lovely palette.



5. One that you’ve changed your mind about?ย  I received this as a gift and I feel guilty owning it, I didn’t like the mass consumerism behind the Basquiat x UD collection and I still don’t but the Gold Griot palette really is lovely. The shadow formula is amazing and the packaging is really like a little work of art. I dunno, this collection didn’t make as big of a splash as it was supposed to which makes me feel a little better but it made me sad when the person who bought it for me thought that it was quote, so me. Said person does not read my blog and it was a super sweet gift.



6. One that surprised you? The TooFaced Chocolate Bar palette is a random favourite. There is zero reason for me to be into this palette, the cutesy crap and it smells like chocolate, blah, blah, blah – just not me. I only purchased it as I was getting a mascara for a friend and they had a Black Friday deal to get another item 50% off so I went for it. I wasn’t expecting to like it but I love this palette, the shadows are so nice and the smell is a lot of fun. I use this one a ton. There are plenty of mattes to do a whole look and plenty of sparkle too!



7. One that inspires you the most? Either of the Venus palettes from LimeCrime, I crack these open to create works of art, when I want to Sistine Chapel my eyes. Can I use that as a verb? Is that offensive, I mean – I am Catholic so…Funny story about religion – I don’t wear pants to work and someone asked me if I wasย religious based on the fact that I always wear skirts or dresses. You can’t ask people that, honestly.ย Anyway, how can you not be inspired by the packaging, the colours *le sigh*


8. One on your wish list?ย The Natasha Denonaย Star Palette that I don’t think I will ever own. It is gorgeous but $169 – hard sell for me. And yes, I have heard that these shadows are incredible but how much better could they be? Also, not to get all Pollyanna but I have read that she isn’t the nicest person…again, I am here for makeup and I don’t know/don’t want to know the personalities behind these brands. I am changing the name of my blog to Tangents, sheesh.


9. Your no fail palette? The Violet Voss Holy Grail, I reach for this all of the time – I need a new one! I have hit pan on several of the shadows which is huge for me – not to mention, you get a ton of shadow so it is no small feat. It is a warm toned palette and I like to use it when I don’t want to think about my makeup.



10. One that you regret purchasing? Was and will always be the tarte Tarteist Pro, I hate this palette. I have already posted a review and it made my Palette Regrets post so I will spare you but it incites rage in me that it was so terrible.



That is it, if you want to do this one – I would love to see your responses so tag me!!

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    • Probably smart! I get sucked into the hype and have had more than a few disappointments ๐Ÿ˜‚

  1. I regret buying the morphe 35f I just never use it. I am trying to use the eyeshadows I have with is not going to be easy

    • I have a Morphe as well that I never use, I don’t get the hype around that brand. I know what you mean, I’m getting closer to pan on a few. Takes forever ๐Ÿ˜”

      • I love the bright morphe palettes just not really a neutral girl. I would say makeup revolution is just as good quality and a lot cheaper xx

      • I’m not sure I’ve tried them but have seen their products on a few blogs and have been curious. Thanks for the tip!

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