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Sample Saturday – Clinique

My neighbors are excavating their yard, well they have been for the past two years. I think they put a rain garden in the front, I can appreciate that but the backyard is a disaster. It’s either being turned into a bomb shelter or, serial killing. I swear, they are among us – who needs a trench that big?! What is it going to be used for? At least it is supposed to storm this weekend, then they can knock it off with the excavator. Honestly. Side note, MAC is apparently at ULTA now? When did this happen? I admit, I bought a couple of things – nothing major since I have never tried the brand before and didn’t want to go HAM and then not like anything. Pretty excited though, might be back later with a little haul post.

Sample Saturday is the Pep-Start Hydro-Blur Moisturizer by Clinique. I have tried a couple of other products from this line and thought they were decent, nothing mind blowing and very tweenish with the packaging. I am interested in these priming/moisturizing products though as I have major pilling issues and haven’t been able to pinpoint what the culprit is. I have realized that my complaint about many primers is that they pill on me and I have to be doing something wrong. I can let my skincare absorb for 10 minutes or an hour, it makes no difference. Cutting a product out, in my opinion, might help. This product is supposed to reduce pores, blur fine lines and keep you matte. The consistency is odd, it felt gritty to me but I didn’t notice this once it was worked into my skin. While some products like this tend to not provide enough moisture, my skin felt hydrated and appeared prepped for makeup. I did add a little pore primer as this just wasn’t doing enough for me but otherwise, my makeup applied really well and my skin looked decent. I did not get a matte finish from this product, I was very dewy for the day when I paired this with satin finish foundations – it might do better with a matte foundation? My makeup lasted just as long as it normally would with primer and I didn’t have any weird creasing. I like it, I have a couple more of these that I am trying before I pick a keeper. I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer but this is one that doesn’t give me enough hydration, sadly.


The entire Pep-Start line is pretty affordable, this cream comes in a .5 oz. (9.50) or 1.7 oz. (29.50) jar and I think this is a Sephora exclusive – mer, mer. For the first time in the history of ever, I took the little 50 point bonus card into a store to redeem and accidentally hit Rouge. I only bought one thing so I must have been close, I hate the exclusive brands thing. Anyway, I like this product and it might be something that I seek out in the future.

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  1. I’m betting on serial killing lols. I didn’t know MAC was in Ulta now. Mine is still being fixed up. I’ve tried a few items from Clinique but never really cared for them.

    • Right?! I’m keeping an eye on it. Me neither! I walked in and they converted the front of the store into basically a MAC counter. They are hit or miss for me, people rave about them but I’ve never been super impressed. We’ll see if this is a keeper compared to others.

      • Weird! I would’ve been so confused! But good for Ulta I guess. I know there’s lots of hardcore MAC fans out there!

      • It was weird, then I felt awkward talking to the sales rep. Are these MAC people, are these Ulta people?! They weren’t my people. I hate change.

  2. Clinique seems to be making a comeback. I used it in my teen years and I just bought a tinted facial sunscreen from them for the summer.

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