A 90’s Beauty Revival

Today I am digging deep into the beauty archives and am going to take everyone on a trip to my past, my adolescence; Stella’s Teenage Life – Only Slightly Less Awkward Than Her 30’s (and hell, the rest of her life). Actually, I am just tossing old makeup as my UD Naked palette has finally turned on me – I won’t tell you how long I have had it because you’d un-follow me (I would un-follow me) but pretty sure that I snagged it on its first release. There isn’t really anything wrong with it, I didn’t get pink eye or anything (yea, that is my benchmark people) – the shadows just aren’t as vibrant anymore and have become super chalky. Nothing beats the OG but in this moment, I don’t feel the need for a replacement. It got me thinking of all of the products that we just had to have in that moment but could take or leave now. I started wearing makeup in the 90’s which wasn’t a terribly makeup fueled era, if I recall correctly. It was all skin, all nude, all covered in glitter, all of the time 😛 Here are some products that I just had to have back in the day.

Most everyone knows that Urban Decay started in the 90’s and if you didn’t, you might be too young to be reading my blog 😀 I’d take my body glitter pretty much anyway that I could get it back in the day but I went nuts for their Sparkling Lickable Body Powder. I think this was my very first purchase along with a vomit green nail polish. Let’s not talk about how wildly inappropriate it was for a 14 year old to be wearing edible body products and just bask in the pure naivety of the decade. Honestly, I wish they would bring this back – I used it religiously after a shower and it made my skin glisten not to mention it smelled good enough to eat and you could eat it.


If subtle shine was not enough though, body glitter from Claire’s was the way to go. Like the feeling of your body coated in hair gel and gritty glitter, this trend was for you. This came packaged in deodorant like sticks so that you could maximize your glitter coverage and touch up on the go in case you felt less than blinding. They also had a really obnoxious lip gloss that was packed with micro glitter and pieces of confetti – forget eating wax, we ate straight sequins in the 90’s. I remember that shit tearing up my lips, I’d wear it today if I could find a tube…

Stopping at Claire’s? Don’t forget to pick up 50 bottles of universally unflattering Bon Bons nail polish. Who remembers these?! I was not allowed to wear the most coveted Sky from Hard Candy as my mom said that the brand name was inappropriate, after watching Reservoir Dogs and well, any movie featuring Harvey Keitel – I think she was confusing hard candy with the nose candy reference but I will never know. Oh, moms. Bon Bons got the job done and they were mini – too freaking cute.


I was obsessed with lip products even back in the day but wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick. I slathered my lips in Kissing KoolersLip Smackers or Candy Kisses instead. About 10 layers later it almost looked like lipstick 😀 We really liked edible stuff, I wonder how much of this I ingested by accident. I wonder how much glitter I ingested for that matter? Smackers even released a line of scented Cosmic Nail polishes but I don’t think I ever tasted any of those 😛



The first high end products that I bought on my own were the Lancome Juicy Tubes and Black Honey by Clinique. Black Honey was the lip color of the 90’s, wannabe, it girl – that I totally wasn’t 😀 This was also my answer to the brown lipstick trend that I couldn’t ever fully commit to, I look like a corpse with brown lips. My mom still thought it was too close to lipstick so I had to put it on when I got to school. You can still purchase Juicy Tubes I am pretty certain, these are so fabulously shiny and goopy. Gag.

I didn’t own a lot of eye shadow but everyone had to have that baby blue from Jane. I had a million of those single shadows, I must have pitched them at some point but their logo used to be so much cooler. And can I just say that I was doing the glossy eye look before it was a look, I had a pot of some blue lip gloss that I wore as shadow. Seems unsafe but man, it looked cool.


Sticking with the corpse theme, frosted lips and eyelids were huge and Maybelline Color Delights Cream Shadows were absolute musts. Worn by all, flattering on none – applied with fingers and doused in loose glitter, of course. And I’m sorry but is that Comic Sans?!


If someone asked me what the 90’s smelled like, I would say Clinique Happy and then I would gag a little. This fragrance came out when I was in middle school, I was too young for it but my older sister got a bottle and you better believe I was sneaking spritzes whenever I could. I am pretty sure that the entire female adolescent population was bathing in this stuff. Too much of a good thing though, I can’t enjoy the scent any longer after so many years of abuse.


The tweenie alternative to this that I was allowed to wear was Bottled Emotions. I don’t think that there was any scent variation but you had to have every, single one. I love how their slogan was Be Emotional, Be Yourself 😀 Yea, that is what teen girls need, encouragement to be more emotional. What are you without emotions? Well, probably a sociopath. Also, how shit were the emotions – pretty, romantic, shy – are those even emotions?!


It is hard to believe that all I needed to feel ready back in the day was to be covered in glitter and dripping in lip gloss. Admittedly, I was a little young for the grunge queen aesthetic and this is mostly tweenie stuff but definitely 90’s icons. This got me all nostalgic, be on the look out for Lip Smackers haul 😛

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