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Best of June and Some Empties

I hate it when you provide someone with very specific instructions and they aren’t adhered to. In this case, no fucking tomato – please and thanks. I didn’t say it like that and it doesn’t matter anyway because I got tomatoes. It’s not that I don’t like tomatoes, I am a fan of the tomato but not these tasteless, colourless, mealy excuses for them that are sold in super markets and slung on entrees. It’s homegrown, farmer’s market or no fucking tomatoes. And I know that there are starving people across the globe which is precisely why I ate said nasty so-called tomatoes, they tasted like shame and guilt. Side note – have you ever left an iced tea in your car and then it go so warm that it was basically hot tea? I don’t hate it. In a bottle, not a to-go cup.

I love and hate doing empties posts because I have so little to show for all of my efforts. I have been forcing myself to use crappy stick foundation for almost an entire month and I still haven’t finished one. Crying. I guess on the upside, the ABH stick foundation lasts a really long time…?

Here are my Best of June, enjoy!

Best Of's

I was not crazy about this Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist the first few times that I used it. The nozzle is spitty and I still cannot get this to go on flawlessly over makeup but I like it as skincare. I use a lot of enzyme peels, acid peels, physical peels – all carefully monitored but I love peeling my face. This mist is soothing and feels lovely after a good peel, it has glycerin and aloe making it very emollient. I don’t mind glycerin in my skin care, it doesn’t bother my skin but know that this isn’t for everyone. This mist smells amazing too, very minty, cucumber-y and refreshing. The reviews are terrible, I am assuming from those who tried it over makeup…? I like it, I am also a face mist addict though and I use them constantly.


Next is the NARS Matte Complete Concealer that I am plowing through, I am already half-way done with my second pot. This offers great coverage, is super blendable and the texture is dreamy. I seriously have to use less though, it’s 30 bucks for .21 ounces, I use it for all of my concealing needs and it does a fantastic job.


I have been using these Beauty Bakerie cream shadows as eyeliner, they hold up all day in the crazy heat as they are waterproof but the aren’t hard to remove! I love them. Baker’s Tan and Crumb Cake are my favourites, the formula is creamy and pigmented plus – they come in cute little jars.


Apparently, I am back on the Buxom because it just makes my lashes so phat! I stopped using this mascara years ago because it made my eyes itch but have used this sample with no issue. I am wondering if I let it get too old? This is a fantastic, black mascara that plumps and lengthens – love it. It was the first black mascara that I ever purchased, oh memories.


Lastly, watermelon LipSmacker has been my go to lip balm since I bought it. I love this stuff, so nostalgic but I think they definitely upped the flavour as I don’t recall these being so sweet. I am unsure of why this picture look as though I superimposed the tube of chap-stick into another photo?


Honestly, that is it for favs – I have been forcing myself to use a lot of products that I don’t love so it’s been a fun month 😛

Oops – I lied, I am addicted to these Shiseido Cotton Pads. Yes, they are completely impractical and ridiculous but they are so freaking soft and they don’t break apart. Buy them on sale though or with a coupon, I mean – they are totally boujee. Did I use that correctly?


Best Of's (1)

My first empty is this lash primer from Wet ‘n Wild, this is good and I would use again once I am through my tarte lash primer. A good lash primer should make my mascara apply evenly and smooth, plump up my lashes but also make it easier to take my mascara off – this one does all of the above. I use about 3 coats, you can use less but I wear a lot of mascara and need a good foundation.

It took me for-ever to get through this All About Eyes cream, not because it isn’t good but because it is so freaking thick! I use a q-tip to apply my eye cream and you seriously need a dab for each eye! I won’t be repurchasing, I am back on one of my favourite eye creams from Farmacy that has been out of stock for eons. This is a good eye cream though, so hydrating and it feels amazing.


Another bottle of the Palmer’s oil cleanser (not pictured), I love this stuff and Amazon stocks it now so I don’t panic about running out anymore. This is the first step to my double cleanse, it is nourishing and removes all of my makeup on the first go.

I have been using The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% during the day, and have already repurchased another bottle. Telling you, their lactic acids give Good Genes a run for its money.


And then lastly, is a body wash from Raw Sugar in Vanilla Bean & Sugar (not pictured) – I like this brand but my favourite flavor is the mango coconut that my Target never has, ever. I swear, my local store only stocks 1 of every item except for cheese – they have all the cheese you want. Trust me. You get a lot of body wash and it lasts a long time, I think these are plenty moisturizing and the fragrance lasts a considerable amount of time. They also have body scrubs that I am keen to try and not terribly spendy given the amount of product that you get. I think that is it for empties, aside from the products that I probably spiked in the trash and forgot to keep 😀 I get a strange satisfaction from using something up.

And you know what, I am adding a few items that I am trying to use up because I need recognition. I don’t do Project Pan because I would probably fail but these are a few items that I want to finish!

Best Of's (2)

This next product I don’t dislike but I have like 4 tubes because this concealer dries down to a totally different shade and I had a hard time finding a match – it’s the tarte Shape Tape. I want to finish Fair and Fair Neutral that are both too light for me. I have very fair skin so I am unsure of who these work for.


I have two lip products from GlamGlo – the PoutMud Fizzy Lip scrub and PoutMud Wet Lip treatment that I like but have had them way too long. The scrub needs a shot of oil at every use as it is drying out and the balm is so thick that I just don’t use enough of it to make a dent. I hope to end these this month though, I have other scrubs and treatments that I am ready to dig in to. These smell really decadent and taste good, the packaging is completely asinine though. They released a line of tinted lip balms and I just can’t with that packaging. I only have a photo of the lip scrub as the balm is at work, my office is really dry and I use a ton of balm – hoping this helps me use it up!


Lastly, I want to use up my mint balm dotcom, I like all of the other flavours but this one has a weird, grit to it that collects at the edges of my lips. Ew. I can only use it as a night treatment and it just feels not great.


That is it, super long but hope you enjoyed? Thanks for stopping by <3

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