I have been looking for a body modification artist in the Minneapolis area and now my Instagram feed is all split tongues and extreme gauging. No judgement. I just want a hole punched in my cartilage so that I can stack little hoops in it. I don’t have any piercings because they don’t heal, but I think an open wound heal, right…? But apparently what I want isn’t a regular piercing, it is considered a cartilage modification. The best that I have seen so far is by brookebittenspiercing but she is CT based. Sad face. But how super neat is this:


I already shared some products from my Milk Makeup haul, some have been really great and some have been really OK. I don’t think that I have tried anything that I truly dislike but there have been some items that I don’t totally love. Today I am sharing my thoughts on their two Blur products, the Blur Stick and Blur Spray.


To start, how am I even buying more primer? Because I love primer and I cannot resist trying new ones. Also – I have a pore issue, I will try anything to reduce the appearance of my pores. I enjoy thick, super silicone-y, pore plugging primers and if you tell me that a product is going to reduce the appearance of my pores by 68% then I am going to freaking try it. The Blur Stick also claims to be oil-free, silicone-free, non-comedogenic, mattifying and vegan. It also comes in stick form which I would generally be excited about but the stick delivery is getting to be a little overdone. This used to be a huge selling point for me, sticks are convenient, easy to travel with and generally speed up application time but you just see them everywhere now! Anyway, this product reminded me a lot of the Porefessional at first sight but perhaps lighter and more suitable for summer foundations. It smells interesting, a little citrusy and a little sweet but not unpleasant. This product is so stiff, I don’t like rubbing it directly onto my face as it tugs my skin way too much. I find the best way to apply is to deposit the product onto my finger tips and then massage into my skin. This softens it up and I can actually gauge how much I am putting on. Overall wear is pretty much just like the Porefessional but lighter, you still get really smooth skin and makeup looks really flawless over this. The cost is ridic’ at $36 for 1 ounce and you need to use more than other pore primers as it is so lightweight. I don’t think this will be a repurchase for me.


the Blur Spray on the other hand is fabulous! This is a mattifying prep and setting spray that keeps me oil free and my makeup flawless for the course of the day. It smells lovely and the mister is so fine – I use this after foundation application and again all over the face once everything is on. Of the two Blur products, this is the definite winner. Again, the price is outrageous at $38 for 2.3 ounces – I would consider a repurchase but it’s spendy.


So far I am into this brand and am keen to see what else they come out with. I think they just released a glitter stick that my 13 year old self is dying to try 😛

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