Cloud Hate

You guys, Lottie London is now at ULTA – they are offering so many new brands it is driving me insane! And making me broke but I cannot resist placing a Zoella/Lottie London order. Don’t judge me. Or judge me, I’m judging me 😛



So, we all know that I am a huge Glossier fan – the minimal packaging, the skin first mantra, blah, blah, blah. I have tried almost everything that they have launched and found very few duds. This next product wasn’t totally a dud for me but I have other products that are similar that I just like and use more. It makes me sad to say that because I was jonesing for the Cloud Paints the second that I saw them slathered on every glowing movie star goddess at some awards show that I don’t really care about. They looked so flawless and pigmented and glowy – and everything that one would want for a summer blush. Unfortunately, I can’t work with these. I purchased Haze (a berry toned pink) and Beam (peachy apricot) thinking that since these are my safe shades that I could make them work. First off – these are super pigmented which is awesome but they are super runny so you cannot dot it onto your fingertips and then onto your face. I see people doing this and it is a lie. In fact, that is what the flawless, fresh faced gals in the ads are doing and it just doesn’t work. I have had some success using a damp sponge and gently bouncing but this product does not play nice with any foundation that I have so far tried it with. It grabs whatever you are trying to layer over and picks it up leaving bare patches, completely impossible to blend. I don’t do bare skin that often, almost never but have found that these work OK’ish over a BB cream but they are so pigmented that it looks completely unnatural. I cannot even say that these would work well for natural, low-maintenance looks! Something that also annoys me about this product is that the pigment deposits and stays wherever you initially apply it. It almost stains the skin, also adding to the blending issue.


I love the packaging, the tubes are so handy but otherwise this product is a pain to use. If you are an all-natural, lighter base kinda’ gal then I could see these working for you…maybe? I just don’t love these. There are 4 shades and they retail at $18 for .33 ounces – not terribly spendy. I am glad that I decided to try them, definitely a pass though 🙁



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