Dear Diary, Google It

This is my response to pretty much any question that I don’t know the answer to. There is such vast knowledge available to us and we should be taking advantage of it as often as possible. Here are some of the things that I learned today, some of it may be totally useless:

Was Barry Goldwater in need of psychiatric help? I read that the Goldwater Rule is being tested over professionals weighing in on the mental state of The 45. Goldwater was not mentally unstable, the rule was enacted after an expose regarding his mental state was published with opinions from doctors who had never treated nor met him. This was deemed unprofessional and in breech of their oath, I don’t disagree.


Did a vegan really die as a result of climbing Mt. Everest? Sadly, yes but evidence is inconclusive on whether or not her diet contributed. I think not, I don’t understand the assumption that vegans are weak in physique and climbing Everest is no small feat that has taken several lives.

How much cheese can I eat in a day? No definitive answer. Notice I said can and not should 😛


Are words really being removed from the dictionary? Yup – Oxford Junior Dictionary is removing a number of nature related words and expanding the amount of techy words. Who needs dandelions, they don’t grow in chat rooms and that is just the beginning. This is in an effort to produce a modern dictionary that reflects the changing times. I’m sorry – put the words back, I don’t take notes on trends from the dictionary. Morons.


Do Americans really read at a 3rd grade reading level on average? Nope – 5th grade and there is a startling correlation between illiteracy and poverty. So put the words back you  Oxford Dictionary assholes.

Why is called Ga-Ga Ball? Ga-ga ball is a type of dodge-ball that is played in an enclosure, we are looking at making it a Parks & Rec program. It was popularized in Israel, the ball must touch the ground three times before it is consider in play. Ga is Hebrew for touch, so should it not be Ga-Ga-Ga?

What have you Googled recently? Thanks for stopping by <3

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