First Impressions – Violet Voss Highlighter

I am convinced that those little Peel Here or Tear Here notations are just a manufacturer joke that they all get together and maniacally laugh about. I will literally tear anywhere else except for where it says to, I will rip open the bottom of a bag before I Tear Here and it always works 😛 Totally off topic (actually, I just ripped open a bag of coffee beans), my skin has been funky lately and I couldn’t figure out why and then started thinking about how much coffee I am drinking and it’s no wonder! I stopped for gas after already having had coffee just this morning and thought – Do I need coffee? To which my response was, Yes – get the biggest size. I am obsessed with coffee and it doesn’t even do anything for me anymore! I can drink a gallon of coffee at 9 PM and be asleep at 9:15 – without fail. I drink it for the way it makes me feel, there is just something very Toby Keith – Should’ve Been a Cowboy about a good, hot cup of coffee. I have got to kick this habit though, it was way easier for me to kick Diet Coke and not because I give a fuck about neurotoxins but because it gave me acne. I don’t know what kind of priorities those are…

Before I start, I want to say that I purchased this product before I anti-hauled all highlighting powders. I am happy to report that now that summer is here and I can bare some skin (like, my collarbone) that I am using highlight on my body and hope to hit pan on some of the products in my stash! Excuses, excuses. I wasn’t going to purchase the Rose Gold Highlight Palette from Violet Voss because I didn’t need it and then they threw me a coupon and it was over. All that buyer’s remorse aside – this palette is stunning. I own a few of their palettes that have the old packaging and they have totally overhauled their game. These new palettes are gorgeous, they have such nice weight and actually feel more like a high end product. I didn’t mind the original design, they are super slim and easy to travel with but I would be tempted to buy another Holy Grail just for this new package. I won’t though, not yet – I am so close to pan on that baby. Of course I was drawn to the rose design but it really is gorgeous.


To the product, you get 6 (giant) pans of rose gold tones with some being metallic and some being duo-chrome but it doesn’t say which is which and I couldn’t determine from the swatches. The formula is dreamy, they remind me a lot of Colourpop – so buttery and blendable – I don’t have anything  quite like these in my collection. Yes, you do get 6 pans of basically rose highlighter but I think these will work really great for laying and creating dimension. For fair skin tones these can be used as highlighting blushes but I think they would look stunning on a lot of skin tones. This palette is totally worth it considering that most high-end highlighter starts at $30 – this one is insane value. This is a gorgeous palette, I cannot wait to coat my face in these this summer 😛




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