June Wish List

I am trying to watch the television adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale and of course the shock value and sex has been upped but excluding that, I am still not really into it. I am that annoying person who watches these adaptations and points out all of the things that either didn’t happen in the book or got left out 😛 Does anyone else notice that Volvo is the car of choice in loads of these dystopian, end of civilization stories? I don’t know if that is product placement or if they are just really good cars and are slated to last through the end of civilization. Does anyone else wonder these things, is it just me – I ruin everything.

I don’t have a box for my Wednesday Reveal so I am doing a Wednesday Wishlist instead! Honestly, I should not be buying any more makeup until I get serious about some storage but I cannot find anything that I like and am willing to commit to. I have very eclectic taste, some would say that I have no taste but it is hard for me to find pieces that I like enough to look at everyday. To the list:

To start, I really want to try the Clay Stick Foundation from Tarte – I love trying new stick foundations but nothing has so far compared to my Dermablend. Lots of them tend to pill on me and they don’t provide enough coverage but I can’t quit trying them!


Next, more Tarte and I don’t need it but I really do love the Rainforest of the Sea palettes and Volume III is calling my name!


I don’t know where I am at with the whole TooFaced drama but I can still drool over their products, right? They are releasing a new, even fairer shade of their Born This Way Foundation and I might need to try it after I finish my 500 other bottles of foundation. I am definitely interested though for when that day comes.


And another TooFaced product which I am unsure why I want to try since I hate this primer but I think it is the coconut water 😀 I just know that the Hangover 3-in-1 Priming & Setting Spray smells delicious.

hangover spray

If you didn’t get the memo, unicorns are out and mermaids are in. And what a fitting time since apparently even unicorns are a source of drama these days. The Lime Crime Mermaid Collection looks so lovely. I really only want those highlighters as I really cannot wear mattes in the summer – I just hate the way they feel.

limecrime mermaids

Finally, you guys – I have to have the Kat Von D Glimmer palette. This is an all shimmer, all metallic version of her Shade and Light palette – are you kidding me?! I think this one launches in July. I totally missed out on the Lolita eye-shadow/blusher yesterday because I am just lame at online shopping.


That’s it! Are these summer collections, are these fall collections? I just don’t know anymore. None of these photos belong to me, I borrowed them from the company websites and no, that is not me at the Golden Gate Bridge…or Brooklyn Bridge…? What the hell bridge is that people? Yikes, my American is showing. It’s a stock photo that felt summery to me…if you are going to San Francisco…which we may or may not be depending on what bridge that is 😀

I’m ending this now, thanks for stopping by <3


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