On A Sunday

I don’t have a beauty item to discuss today, I have plenty of beauty items to discuss but the weather has been so overcast that I don’t want to struggle with photos and Sunday posts are my wild card anyway. I thought I’d share what my typical Sunday looks like – lucky you. I am not a social creature, I never do anything amazing but it might be entertaining 😀

I totally scored on a trip to Michael’s and found the mate to a vase that I picked up a few weeks ago. Beauty part is that it was on clearance, I paid like 6 bucks for this! They match nothing in my home, which is generally how I pick stuff out – It matches nothing, it’s perfect – but I guess now they match each other? With the new vase, I finally planted my last bunch of celosia and they look so happy. I added a few sprigs of hypoestes, these two plants coexist really well together.



You can’t leave Michael’s without some odds and ends for blog photos. Well, perhaps other people can but I have no self-control. It’s for the blog!


Then I took a chance on a rummage sale to see if there was any Pyrex to be had. I am a vintage Pyrex fiend. I hate shopping estate sales as you are essentially buying a deceased person’s stuff most of the time but I’ve also been really lucky at them – rummage sales don’t weird me out as much. I didn’t find any bowls but I did find some Corning Ware cups – they aren’t super rare and I am thinking post 80’s but in perfect condition. My kitchen is totally vintage, I have newer gadgets but they get stored away because they kill my vintage vibe. I go in for vintage remakes too, like the SMEG 🙂


It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a trip to ULTA – they are remodeling the one near me so it was a disaster but I scored a few brands on BOGO. Actually, everything I bought was on BOGO. I picked up a couple of these Pacifica Hair & Body Mists – these are so good! They are body sprays (hence the title) that smell so summery and warm, they don’t last more than 6 hours or so but I enjoy them.


I have been waiting for these two hair products to be back in store, they are a serum and texturizer from Eva NYC. I like some of the products from this brand, they all have this vanilla cake scent to them though and I guess I just don’t love it. These two are keepers though. Last, I picked up two of these handy travel duos from Hempz. These are great for camping and you get the waterproof little bag.


It was a re-purchase/necessities trip but still pretty satisfying. Then the dreaded trip to Target, I hate Target. I mean, I love it but I hate it – it is always packed. We mostly just got groceries and coffee but I totally had to get some Smackers! I warned you 😛 I didn’t get the big pack, but look at all of these flavours – so many classics. I am wearing at least 4 currently.


And that was my Sunday! Now to laundry and other domestic crap 😀

Thanks for stopping by <3

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