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Update – I am smitten with the tarte Clay Stick foundation. I have been wearing it for the last couple of days and the shade turned out to be perfect. The consistency is so creamy and blendable, it is not full-coverage but it does a wonderful job of enhancing the skin and covering most issues. I was a little hesitant but it turned out really lovely!

Anyway, the product of the week this week is grape water – not just any grape water though – $18 grape water in a can by Caudalie. This is not something that I would typically purchase because I don’t need extra moisture on my face most of the time, but seeing as how I apparently have dry skin now this product has been an everyday addition to my beauty routine. This mist is 98% grape water and 2% grape juice, it claims to instantly soothe dryness, dullness, uneven texture and redness – I don’t disagree. I cannot attest to the claims that this product increases moisture by 127% but it does keep my skin hydrated. It also takes away any powdery appearance from my makeup and refreshes my look towards the end of the day if I am looking a little blah. Apparently, this can be used to dampen your beauty blender for foundation blending but this seems a tad extra 😀 The mister is so fine, I love it – it doesn’t spit or drip on my base and I wish that all sprays came in a can!


Does anyone need this? No, definitely not. In fact, while I was perusing the skincare section at the time that I purchased this, the BF said that of course companies cannot sell us products that actually work because then they would not be able to sell us new stuff all of the time. He also reminded me that while he smokes, doesn’t use moisturizer and has zero lip lines, I have never smoked, use gallons of moisturizers/serums (since I have been pretty young) and do have lip lines. He is such a delight to shop with, let me know if you need someone to talk you out of buying anything, ever and want to borrow him 😛 I mean, it’s all very X-Files but he isn’t wrong. I just hate that my skin looks and feels so dry, it is uncomfortable to smile! This mist definitely helps and does just what it claims to do – that’s why it is the product of the week! There is a smaller size and in all honesty, this isn’t that expensive in comparison to other face mists – the big can is 6.7 ounces. I recommend if you have dry skin that needs a pick me up during the day or have sensitive skin, this is amazing for heat rash.

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  • Ella May Garrett

    Hahhaha your bf sounds like a gem! Least he went in with you! My boyfriend makes noises like he is dying every time I go near a shop with him. Also, grape?! How interesting! xxx

    • Stella

      Haha! Yea, he’s a treat 😊 I go into his movie stores so he knows if we spend 45 minutes looking at movies, we are spending at least a half hour in Sephora. Trade offs! Haha! Boys are so dramatic, geez. Yea! I don’t usually go for grape but I love this 💚

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