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My foundation is literally crumbling off my face – like any foundation that I have tried in the last few months and it is driving me insane! I know that I mentioned before that my dermatologist was telling me that my skin has been very dry and this could be a result of second puberty. Yea – it’s a thing but don’t believe everything you read on reddit. As women we get to look forward to first puberty, second puberty and menopause so pretty much a decade of just bullshit. When do I get to go through Kylie Jenner puberty? I mean honestly, all I got was dry skin. It could balance itself or this could be the rest of my life and I am already pissed off about it. Oh, and broccoli mystery solved (I know that you were all wondering) – it was romanesco broccoli and look at how weird this is:


It tastes fine, a little sweeter than regular broccoli – I don’t hate it. More hair care for Product of the Week – who am I even? Today I have the Eva NYC Get Glossed (erroneous exclamation point) Hair Serum. I have super fine, coarse hair and as soon as the weather gets humid it can get frizzy. This is a lovely, light-weight serum that is formulated with argan oil and some other hair vitamins that I don’t know what they do. I use this on damp hair and work 2-3 pumps into my ends up to my scalp. The product that is dispensed isn’t a lot so you can definitely use more – I have shoulder length hair but I have a lot of it. This serum completely absorbs with no sticky residue and I don’t notice any transfer onto the areas of my face that my hair touches. It feels like nothing but my hair feels soft and looks shiny and hydrated. I really like it, hair oils can make me break out on my scalp and around my hairline but this doesn’t cause me any issues. With continued use, the condition of my hair gets better and better. Also, it smells a little like vanilla cake 🙂 It isn’t too expensive at $14.99 for 1.7 ounces and this brand is frequently on BOGO so buy it then and save some cash! The priming spray is really nice, the shampoo and hair mask are also favourites but definitely more heavily scented. If you haven’t tried the brand, they do have some nice, affordable products. Again, I am no hair expert and tend to buy what is one sale but if it really sucked I wouldn’t keep buying it.


Super lovely product and something that has become a necessity in my hair care routine.

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  • stashy

    I’ve seen those romanesco broccoli but never tried one! Glad to know it tastes fine.
    I’ve always been curious about the Eva NYC hair stuff – their packaging is always colourful and funky but I wasn’t sure it was good quality. Glad it’s good!

    • Stella

      It’s not bad! It looks like aliens, that is what I am calling it – alien broccoli – but pretty tasty. I don’t know how good the ingredients are, but I do like what I have tried from them. The hair mask is very heavily scented so I don’t use it often but it is so moisturizing. They could cut the scent in their products by half and I would love them more. They also make tools, I have their hair dryer and I love it!

  • starringpamela

    I’m going to take your word that the broccoli is good. It looks terrifying. 😱 I have a terribly oily scalp so I never use anything but shampoo and conditioner in my hair! Even dry shampoo doesn’t work, it just makes it worse.

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