Product of the Week – Milk Makeup

Another week at an end, the next 10 days are supposed to be mid 70’s and sunny. Which sounds lovely and all unless you just finished reading an article about climate change and convinced that this is the beginning of the end. I also read an op-ed piece, the tag line was Americans Know About Climate Change But Do They Care? I have a lot of ways to answer this but instead I am just going to leave this L.A. Times snip here:


And end my commentary with; The average commute in the US is 26 minutes (the longest it has been since 1980) with the average commute time increasing across the board including extreme commutes of 90 minutes or more. Interpret that anyway that you wish 😛 Then I watched this 11 minute video about why Michelle Phan disappeared from the interweb (no idea I even cared) and now I am just kinda’ sitting here wondering about all the things – mostly, did I just watch a really depressing cosmetics ad?



All that aside, I have settled on my product of the week – not really because I love it but because I have been obsessively using it since I purchased it and that must mean that I like it? I dunno, I also feel like if I spent good money on a product then I force myself to use it even if I hate it and that is where I am at with this one. I recently hauled some Milk Makeup items, again I am drawn to these minimalist brands but continuing to hoard them makes me feel like an anti-minimalist. This brand is also cruelty free, vegan and doesn’t use a bunch of junk in their products. One of the items that I purchased was their Holographic Lip Gloss in Mars which is an iridescent golden peach shade. Of course I was drawn to the lovely shade and the holographic claim but the ingredients are really nice too – coconut oil, mango butter and avocado oil to name a few. I figured that this would be super moisturizing and it is, it also totally absorbs into the lips instead of just sitting on top like most glosses. It smells amazing like an orange creamsicle and feels really nice but where is the holo?! I wouldn’t call this gloss holographic, it does have a nice shift but honestly it is just super high shine, orangey, pinky tinted gloss. I love the applicator and packaging that is so holo but I was just expecting more. I like the gloss for a high shine, wash of peach goodness and will definitely use it!


Have you tried anything from this brand? Thanks for stopping by <3


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