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Well, summer is here – ding, dong – fashion is dead. I’m sorry – I hate summer. I don’t like the clothes that I have to wear, I don’t like what it does to my hair, I don’t like humidity. I just 0607170731adon’t like it, unpopular opinion. Anyway, I don’t think my baby kitty (Neptune) wanted me to go to work this morning. (Look at those teenie claws poking my vegan leather). You and me both, I am the opposite of what biology says I should be with sleeping patterns and seasons. I can be up by 5 no problem in the winter and awake until at least 10 but come summer, I struggle to get up by 6 and to stay awake until 9. Another reason to hate summer. Do you need more? I can keep going 😛

My hair goes nuts as soon as it starts to get humid out – I don’t have dry hair but I do have very coarse, textured hair. I love the volume that I naturally have but I walk a fine line between tousled and frizzy. I try a lot of leave in conditioners, smoothing serums and I rarely purchase the same product twice – I purchase what is on sale or whatever I have bonus points for. I just don’t attach a lot of value to hair care, it is just hair – it grows. I buy a lot of OGX Organics because this brand is almost always on BOGO and they do have a variety of interesting products with decent ingredients. I literally know next to nothing about hair care, this brand could be shit – I enjoy it. I have really been loving their Protecting + Silky Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray, this is a light weight product that keeps my hair smoothish throughout the day but doesn’t make it too flat. It smells fresh, very light and pleasant and doesn’t feel sticky like some thermal products tend to feel. I cannot say if it speeds up my blow dry time, it always tends to take for-ever to get my hair good and dry. My one complaint is that I really have to drench my hair in this stuff or I get a weird, in between hair texture. I blew through this bottle in less than a month – mer, mer. You do get a healthy, 6 ounce bottle for 8.99 so it isn’t a huge purchase commitment but I do feel like there is some waste. Otherwise, very affordable and I do recommend!


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  • Dizz

    From another frizzy-haired summer hater, thanks for the rec! I have been using sexy hair’s smooth spray and while it helps keep my hair smooth(ish), it has that sticky feel you mentioned. I’ll have to check out OGX once I finish up this can!

    • Stella

      Of course – I really enjoy it 😊 I hate that coated hair feeling, thid one is totally different. Thanks for reading 😘

  • Beauty-ish

    nice post! I tried the OGX coconut line a while back and it’s not bad! my new favorite drugstore hair products are the Loral clay, helped so much with scalp deep cleansing!

    • Stella

      Thank you!! I’ve used a few different products from them with varying results. I keep seeing those clay products and have been curious about the dry shampoo. Certainly an interesting concept 😊

  • starringpamela

    I also struggle to accept summer and the unnecessary burdens it puts on my life. I’m much happier in spring and fall!!! Also Neptune is so pretty! 😍

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