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Sample Saturday – Farmacy

My neighbors killed the power to the entire building with a power tool, they kept turning it on and the power kept going out – it must have taken them 4 times to make a correlation and then it was too late. This late Sample Saturday post sponsored by – Stupidity. I have lived in an apartment for years and never once needed to use a major power tool – I own a mini drill that I use for furniture assembly and that’s it. These people are constantly hammering, drilling, sawing – I think they are serial killers. I mean, they don’t own their place but it sounds like they are renovating it and it has sounded like that for years. I think all of my neighbors are probably serial killers though, I think that it is safer to just assume this rather than end up being serial killed. Is that the correct verbiage, serial murdered…? I am unsure. They probably think the same thing about me, I totally get it – better safe than sorry.


Anyway, I should probably stop watching Criminal Minds πŸ˜› Today’s sample came in a Play bag a couple of months ago…? I will be honest and say that I have not kept up on blogging about my Play bags because I just haven’t been loving them. I was excited to receive the Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm from Farmacy though as I am always interested in new skin care and have used nice products from this brand before. All of their ingredients are naturally derived and their products are cruelty free. This balm claims to tighten and firm the skin, restore the look of elasticity and reduce fine lines by reinforcing it’s natural moisture barrier. It is supposed to be super unique in that it transforms from a balm to an oil and blah, blah, blah.


First impressions, it smells really lovely like lemons and echinacea – I enjoy medicinal smelling products but know that this does not suit everyone’s fancy. I don’t think it feels like a balm, it is very gelatinous and didn’t transform into an oil when I massaged it onto my face. Instead it pilled up into little tapioca like bits – no matter how much I worked it, this balm refused to absorb into my skin. I tried it over my regular evening face products then I tried it before and still the same thing, the consistency is not easy to work with. As a last effort, I used it all by itself with just toner and eye cream and my skin was parched in the AM. I imagine it did pretty much what rubbing tapioca all over one’s face would do – absolutely nothing. In the AM I was just able to pick and peel the little bits off my face and out of my hair. Tasty. I hated it, I have no idea how to use this product and wouldn’t purchase a full size. It does have solid reviews online, maybe it just isn’t for me but how hard should using a face balm be? There are only so many ways that one can rub things on their face. This balm retails at $48 for 1.7 ounces so it is pretty pricey not to love. It is a pass for me.

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