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I am thinking of starting a Dear Diary Series where I talk about general life stuff that people may or may not care about. Today’s topic would be Dear Diary, my cat has diarrhea. It is my older cat, Venus who had giardia as a kitten – apparently because her mama cat was an outdoor cat…? When the vet said that, I was thinking – isn’t that an STD. It isn’t in case you were wondering. For 2 weeks every stool sample had to be collected and delivered to the vet for analysis (that cost $30 per analysis) and she had to have these drops shot down her throat 2 times a day. On top of that, I became obsessive about disinfecting her dishes and litter box and the tile around it and the sink and – you get the picture. She is older and she sometimes eats butter if she finds it so I am hoping it is just a little stomach upset. Are you tired of hearing about this – too bad, there’s more. I hate going to the vet, how do shots for cats cost more than shots for people? And I don’t mind that they have to go, I like that they are healthy but you can have 1 symptom and the vet tells you that it could be 500 different things and sets you up for treatment for 300 of those things but tells you to come back if things don’t improve and we’ll look that the other 200. What?! She is probably fine, she is eating right now. And this will be my weekend – obsessively watching my cat eat, drink and defecate (oh, and disinfecting things).


Sample Saturday is a sheet mask that came in a Lip Monthly, I enjoy receiving sheet masks as they aren’t something that I purchase on my own. I know that they are hugely popular right now but I am a clay mask/peel off mask kinda’ gal. This one was a 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask – it claims to calm red and irritated skin. While my skin isn’t either of those, it has been really dry which is totally bizarre but according to my dermatologist adults can go through second puberty and your skin can change. (Dear Diary, have you heard of second puberty…) This mask is soaked in an entire bottle of coconut and other botanical packed serum – sounds lovely and super hydrating.


I was disappointed that this mask didn’t smell more coconut-y, it didn’t smell like anything really. The paper was stiffer than other sheet masks, which I liked because slimy, gooey paper masks gross me out. This one also didn’t make me feel like I have an irregularly sized face, it actually adhered really well. The time commitment was 20-25 minutes, what is that?! Clay masks – leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. Sheet masks – leave on for the rest of your existence, cancel all of your appointments. Anyway, this mask did have a lot of serum and after I let it set for-ever I rubbed the remainder into my skin. My face feels so lovely and hydrated. This mask is approved for sensitive skin and I concur, I don’t have any irritation and think the serum did a fantastic job absorbing. Recommended use is 2-3 times a week and I cannot find a single retail price but you can purchase 15 masks for $36 – not terrible. I would try more from the brand, I do like a little more fragrance to my masks but this isn’t a deal breaker.


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