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Sample Saturday – TooFaced

I am pretty certain that I have mentioned before that I lay awake at night revisiting my mental archive of most embarrassing moments. There are some good ones in there; the time I tucked my skirt into my tights, the time I yakked in the middle of a department meeting, the time I ended a call with love you too to my boss whom I did not love but just because that is how you end a phone call. Then today, while signing a sympathy card I recalled the time that at my very first big girl job, on my very first day, I was handed a card to sign and I put Happy Birthday! Problem was, it wasn’t a birthday card it was a sympathy card for a gal who just had her mother pass away. I was mortified when I realized that I had done this months later when I was in the same situation and was speaking to the same gal. She never mentioned it but when it dawned on me, I felt like a complete jackass and vehemently apologized. When I received my sympathy card she penned, Happy Birthday! It became a joke between us and I guess it worked out OK but still, I make myself cringe everyday. Honestly, had I realized what I had done that day I probably would have just quit 😀 Pretty dramatic but honestly, I am a menace.



I had planned to do a mini-lippie round and up and talk about all of the lip samples that I have received but then we would be here all day so I am deciding to go by brand. It seems to me that the same brands circulate through several subboxes which isn’t a bad thing if you really like the brand or the product. I like receiving lip products, I tend to use them up. Today I have two items from TooFaced that I think both came in Play boxes…?


First is the Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick in It’s Happening – this is a bright magenta, really gorgeous colour and surprisingly easy to wear. I just don’t love this formula though, it is very whipped and mousse-y and you can feel it the entire time that you are wearing it. It makes me want to obsessively press my lips together which, I do because I am a child and then this presses all of the product to the outer edges of my lips. This stuff doesn’t dry down – it’s just not my favourite formula. The colour is very rich and it doesn’t take much to get a bold lip but good luck keeping it in place.


Next I have the Lip Injection Glossy in Milkshake – this is a juicy colour plumping lip gloss. This shade is just nude with a little shimmer, nice consistency, smells a little minty oh, and it burns like Hell-fire. This was the most unpleasant lip plumping product that I have ever used, I felt like I had rubbed habaneros on my face – who is wearing this and liking it?! Serious question. I don’t know if it plumps because I wiped it off almost immediately, I can tell you that the swatch on my arm gave me a welt! It felt a little burn-y, probably should have skipped the swatch 😛 Definitely a colour that I would be into though and it isn’t tacky but there’s just something in there…like I’d be scared to ingest this or get it in my eyes. How would it get in my eyes, you ask? Because it’s me and it would happen.


Arm welt – so I guess it would plump your lips because you’d have lip welts…?

Overall, not crazy about either of these – I will stick to this brand’s traditional lipsticks that are actually really nice. Although, the Melted Matte in Mrs. Roper looks so amazing, who doesn’t love a kitschy throwback? Have you tried either of these?


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