Summer Essential – Hot Sand

I really struggle with social media, I know that I have said this before but more so recently. I was watching this video about a dad and a daughter and the negativity in the comments astounded me- people asking where the mom was and why was he a single dad. The video didn’t mention any of that so maybe I missed something but, really? Does it matter?! Dear Diary, I am an Anti-Natalist…I just wish that humans would realize that we are the reason for all of our conflicts – we can create conflict from anything. Anyway, there is a super adorable video of a dad who staged a Beauty & the Beast photo shoot for his daughter out there on the interweb and it is worth the watch – just don’t read the comments πŸ˜›


I was going to talk about the NARS Loaded Palette this evening but the jury is still out on that one! I did some research and apparently that palette is their new reformulated eye-shadows and I am bummed. I am planning a comparison post of the duos and singles that I own so that you can see the difference. In the meantime, I will talk about another NARS product that I love! Hot Sand is one of my absolute must-haves from NARS, this is a pinky, shimmery highlighting blush that I use just about everyday for a subtle glow. This is not a high-shine, blinding highlight – it is buildable but I use it for an everyday, understated, hint of glow. It is a pink powder so it works well with my fair, pink skin tone but I am unsure of how well it would work for deeper skin tones or those with yellow undertones. It is decently pigmented so I imagine that it would work for a lot of skin tones. This powder comes in their standard matte, black compact (that I cannot keep clean to save my life) and does have a handy little mirror. I apply this powder with a teenie highlighting brush or a fluffy eye-shadow brush. The consistency works well with pretty much any tool that I have attempted to apply it with. I love this powder, I am just a NARS junkie – I can admit that I have a problem though πŸ˜›




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