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Wednesday Reveal – June BoxyCharm

PSA – if you are swimming in a fresh water lake, you could contract things like swimmer’s itch. I just find it unbelievable that people seem surprised by this. Especially in the Land of 10,000 Lakes – who are you people?! It’s a lake, there is feces in it and if you don’t know that then I don’t know how to help you aside from telling you that you are swimming in a fresh water lake and there’s feces in it. Oh, you let your toddler swim in it? Probably should have done your research, that’s your job, as a parent. #sorrynotsorry It’s a small thing that is indicative of  larger trend, the complete lack of personal responsibility or common sense in modern day America. I’m sorry, I’m proud to be an American and all but open a book, Google it, stop being ignorant and also stop procreating if you can’t do any of these things – honestly. We live in a world where we have to post No Smoking signs near gas pumps, it is asinine. Anyway

June’s Boxycharm was pretty fabulous, the theme makes no sense but do they ever? This month’s theme is Downtown Charm and here is what came in my box:


Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Gold Digger – This is a loose highlighter that is fairly gold for my skin tone but not unusable. The consistency reminds me of the bareminerals face powders which I really do like and look forward to wearing this!


Luxie Precision Tapered Brush – I usually really like this brand but this brush is too floppy and soft. It doesn’t pick up a lot of product and I just don’t know what I will use it for. I have way better precision brushes for highlight and just don’t see me using this one. It is a very pretty pink though.


OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lip in Tuscany – I don’t own a lot of this brand but I like what I’ve tried so far. This is a brick red that will be great for fall, I know that I like this formula too!


Real Her Eyeshadow Palette in Volume II, Do Your Squats – I am glad that I got this one, the shades are perfect for my everyday eye looks. I have not tried it yet but I did some haphazard, random, mostly crappy swatches. I was pretty impressed that the one glitter shade was not overly rough or gritty and the mattes felt lovely.



bioBelle Sheet Masks – I received one for fine lines, one for hydration and one that is apparently a priming mask? I think I am most interested to try that one as I have never used a mask right before makeup application and it sounds interesting. I love getting sheet masks because I rarely buy them for myself – excited to give these a go!


I think this was an awesome box, the only dud was the brush but everything else is fabulous! I also like how the lippie goes with the shadows, I have said it before that Boxyharm feels more curated and cohesive than other sub-boxes and this one is no exception!

Thanks for stopping by <3

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