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Worth the Splurge – Ro’s Argan

Things I hate that I keep telling myself I should like – coconut water. How can it smell so good and be so good in beauty products but taste like pee?! I have tried dozens of brands, with other flavours, without – and every time, tastes of pee. Or what I imagine pee tastes like. Do you have a brand that you enjoy? Do you drink it over ice? What am I doing wrong. I love coconut milk, how is it so different? Mew, mew, mew – whine, whine. Not like I don’t have literally 100’s of other beverage options, sheesh.


I am almost at the end of my pot of Ro’s Argan and I am bummed because it is so expensive! Unpopular opinion, I am not that into LUSH and I have a hard time justifying their price points but this is one product that I will always splurge on. Ro’s Argan is a super softening body conditioner that is packed with loads of luxurious ingredients and smells delicious. I wasn’t a fan of the body conditioners, I didn’t really get the concept until I moved to MN and nothing could keep my skin hydrated. After my  regular body wash I slather this stuff on and then just rinse off. The almond and argan oils are amazing for banishing dry patches and dullness and it makes my skin smell sweet. I did find that after the first few uses that I had a lot of residue but I decreased the amount of product that I was using and the issue was solved. I have sensitive skin and it is nice to be able to find something that immediately softens and conditions it. This is a gorgeous product and my skin loves it. If I could figure out how to make it – I definitely would. Googling that now 😛 This retails at $39.95 for 7.9 ounces and I use a tub a month. Yikes.

Look at that sad, almost empty tub 🙁

What is your favourite LUSH product, do you think their products are worth the splurge?

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  • llindaxxo

    This products sounds great, but yea the price tag is a little steep for the amount of product. I like Lush but I hate their packaging. Everything comes in jars! I’ve talked to their sales associates several times about this and they completely agree with me that the jars aren’t the best type of packaging for skincare products, but it’s cheaper than a pump or tube packaging so they can “keep the prices affordable”. So I haven’t been to Lush in a while, but I prlly won’t be going back until it’s for their bath bombs.

    • Stella

      It is and it is easy to waste! I don’t understand that, their products are just as costly as many others that come in bottles…? My thing with the jars is that condensation always gets in them. I think that Lush gets a pass on some aspects since they are natural, cruelty free and active in a lot of charities but I feel they still need to deliver good products. If I can find an alternative, I would definitely switch!

  • beautyfoodlife

    I like this body conditioner, I got it for Xmas! And their products are expensive so I only get them through gifts or when I really want to try something. I’m currently trying their shampoo bar and it’s great. I also like their ocean salt scrub for the body. I do like that they are cruelty free

    • Stella

      I have not tried their shampoo bars but good to hear that they are good. I do like the salt scrub and that stuff actually lasts for a good bit. Yes, there are very few things that I must have from them but Ro’s Argan is a keeper 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Lise

    I have never been able to justify purchasing anything but their solid shampoos and lip scrubs.. I have tried like 70% of their products but nothing has really felt like it was truly worth it with how expensive it is now.

    • Stella

      I have not tried the shampoo bars but I do like their lip scrubs too! Yea, I just feel that when you look at the ingredients that there isn’t a lot of justification for the cost. Especially now when loads of brands are sourcing ethically and promoting fair trade. I get that they were kind of the pioneers of some of those practices but it is hard to spend so much cash on so little product!!

  • Noha ♡

    I feel the same way about Lush sometimes too honestly, but I just love love their face masks- they honestly work. Loved reading this review, I’ve always been tempted to try Ro’s Argan it smells so delicious aah. Great review x

    • Stella

      Haha! Glad that I am not the only one, it makes me feel bad saying it because I know that they are involved in a lot of stuff but the cost is still hard to justify! I have used a handful of their masks and I do enjoy them, the price point on most of them doesn’t make me hesitate so much. It is a good one but I wish it lasted longer!!

  • Selena Hannah

    I love to indulge in Lush, but I cannot see buying their products on a regular basis. I buy on Dec 26th where everything is buy one get one free. You have to wait in a virtual line, but it’s so worth it.

  • Very Merry Jo

    I really think LUSH can be hit or miss, but I really like the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask! It smells kind of like blueberries and it really helps keep my skin clear.

    • Stella

      I have not tried that one! I do think that they offer some nice masks though. Definitely agree on them being hit or miss though. Thanks for reading!!

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