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Naked Heat Collection – First Impressions

Leave it to British television to rip your guts out – between the finale of The Fall and how Broadchurch season two ended, I’m a little distraught. I am excited to see David Tennant in another season of Broadchurch but I am going to have to take a breather. I still haven’t gotten over Rose *sob* or Donna Noble for that matter – who the hell writes this stuff?!


My co-worker asked me if I ever get tired of putting on eye makeup *gasp* I get that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to do their makeup everyday and I like to sleep as much as the next person but I love putting my makeup on. I never tire of it, I love trying new things, I love using my old stand-bys, I just love makeup. I tried to convey this to her without coming on too strong 😉


This palette has been everywhere and I will spare you the blow by blow, I wasn’t actually going to pick up the UD Naked Heat palette since I already own a few warm toned palettes. I really only wanted the lipsticks and lip liners (funny story, they aren’t lip liners) from this collection and was going to pass on the palette. I swatched in store though and thought that the formula was closer to the original Naked than any of the other releases and I went for it. I think it’s gorgeous, granted these are finger swatches but I only felt grit with a couple of the darker matte shades and the colour pay off is stunning on the eye. I think this is a nice quality palette for the warm looks lover. This palette also comes with a double ended brush that I do like and have kept from other palettes.


My arm isn’t long enough for this. Third and fourth shades in are gritty and the second to last and last shades are as well…

To the lippies – there were three released with this collection, two metalized and one cream. The bullets are gorgeous, instead of the grey metal they are copper and just lovely. Heat (metallic copper) and Scorched (metallic burnt red with gold pearl) are the metalized lippies. I am really surprised by how gritty these are and it takes a couple of coats to build up the opaqueness. I don’t own any of their other metalized shades but have used some out of a punch pack that I received from ULTA and I feel that these need to be applied with a lip brush. They are just too chunky and patchy, kinda’ bummed but I can deal with it. The cream, Fuel (warm peachy nude) is lovely just like all of their cream lippies. I like that this isn’t really a true nude, you won’t get concealer lips and it is actually very peachy. If you want true nude, then this might not be for you but I am also very fair so don’t take my word for it. I think that my mild disappointment stems from being so pumped for the release of these, they seemed like the perfect fall lip shades.


Scorched, Heat, Fuel


The next two products in the collection are eyeliners and I don’t totally know why I was convinced that they were lip liners? I wasn’t paying attention apparently and I dunno, don’t they seem like lip line colours? I used Torch (sienna) as a lip liner and noticed that it was a tad stiff but it wasn’t terrible and you could use these as lip liners…I suppose. The other liner is Alkaline (deep wine) and I have used this as an eyeliner, it looks really lovely. I don’t own any of their other eyeliners, I typically use shadows or gel products but I might take another look – the formula is really nice. At the end of the day, I think that I am most pleased with the palette – that I wasn’t even going to get! The packaging makes me think of global warming 😀 I don’t know why, I think it’s the matches.




Side note – I want a perm, are those still a thing?

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    • I wish they would have done another cream for more wearable looks. But the trio is very lovely too!

    • Hahaha!! That’s my fear too, I always read about all of the horror stories when I get in a perm mood 😂 But I’ve also seem some gorgeous perms. My luck I’d turn out like Rick James…

  1. Dee

    I genuinely thought those were lip liners too. Oops. Thanks for the heads up. I might have to give those a try!

    • Right? I agree though, I definitely thought that I saw them being used for lips! Glad I’m not the only one!!

  2. sarahkayfretwell

    I do love the lipsticks. I am slightly disappointed with the palette though. Although I do still reach for it and its really pretty there isn’t a lot of looks to create

    • I agree, I cannot get a really stunning, warm look. They all seem a little washed out and look much the same! In comparison to the one that I swatched in store and loved, mine seems a bit dry 😔

      • sarahkayfretwell

        It’s more of the colours are so close together when you blend if you’re not careful you get the same look using various different eyeshadows … a smokey burgandy eye lmao

      • I think that they’ve run out of ideas for their Naked palettes. I’m not interested in purchasing them after this one and Smoky, just not impressed!!

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