Decor Inspo – Velveteen Dreams

This will be the first and last time that I probably ever mention work, my worlds are colliding 😀 As a community we have this slogan or catch phrase – I don’t know what it is exactly, I should know more about this. For example, Minneapolis is The City of Lakes. Anyway, ours is like a 4 stanza paragraph and one of the lines is ‘…a community of choice…’ and I really don’t know what that means. My interpretation is a choice of $500,000 homes or $750,000 homes but I am pretty sure that isn’t what they were going for. There is a certain population (60 and older) who seem to think this means that we are Pro-Choice which is wildly different and again, not sure that’s what the authors were going for. We get asked about it frequently and at first I was totally baffled as to how they came to this conclusion but realized that it’s the choice portion. I just find it fascinating that a word can stand for something outside of  its literal meaning. Like, Just Do It or The Happiest Place on Earth, I’m Loving It, Have It Your Way – these phrases have greater meaning to us because of how they have been marketed. I find this interesting, just me? So, we are community of choice (still no idea what it means) not pro-choice which we all know what that means so maybe we just need to marker our slogan better.

So, I am couch (and home decor) shopping, I loved reading Pamela’s Dream Home post a while back and I also keep a Home board on Pinterest (I am abysmal at pinning) while scrolling through it for some inspiration I figured I would share some pieces. I have two themes, velvet and colour. The living room is very beige at the moment with gold accents, which I like but I need some colour. Here are the beautiful velvet pieces that I am coveting but will probably never own as they cost more than my car and my cats are jerks.

























Obviously, I have been wanting a velvet couch for like the last 10 years. I might settle for some velvet pillows and just a plain couch. I know that the BF would not go for any of this, hence the reason that we are pretty much all beige at the moment. I love styled book cases but I don’t know how people keep them neat and chic without them looking like a bunch of clutter…? My home isn’t very exciting, it is very clean and quiet and I would definitely like to chic it up a bit! My kitchen is the one anomaly in the apartment, it is all shabby chic, red, teal, cluttered – I love it.

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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