Currently Coveting – Makeup Forever

Who needs more blusher? Not this girl. Who is probably going to purchase more anyway? *le sigh* I have never looked twice at the Makeup Forever brand aside from their stick foundation that is totally legit. I also find myself in a bit of a Makeup Malaise – new releases have not been wow’ing me (TooFaced White Chocolate Bar Palette) but I am over the moon about the Artist Face Color Highlight, Sculpt and Blush Powder. Not only does this line of powders come in so many amazing shades (and 2 finishes), some that I definitely do not own – you can customize your own 2 or 3 pan palettes – what?!

You can purchase single pans at $23, 2 pan palettes for $35 or 3 pan palettes for $45. Each pan is 5 grams – not too shabby at this price point. What I like so much about this is that when I have used up a highlighting blush, which I use the most of, I can now just replace that one pan and continue using my deeper blushers. I think it’s genius and feels so much less wasteful. I wear multiple blushes at a time and I have endless combos of what I want, here are some combos that I have put together:

Eggshell matte, peachy beige matte, tangerine shimmer

Ivory matte, camel matte, plum matte

Chamois sculpt matte, medium sculpt matte, champagne shimmer highlight

Tangerine shimmer, coral matte, vermillion matte

English pink matte, rosewood matte

Fuschia matte, vermillion matte

Ugh, clearly the combinations are endless – I have never tried a powder formula from this brand but so far, these powders have great reviews. There are 25 matte blushers/bronzers and 9 shimmers. I will report back with swatches when I finally decide what I am going to order 😛 All of these snips are from the Sephora website!

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6 thoughts

  1. I saw these in an influencer’s snapchat and was so excited about them. Now that I see what shades are available to be put into these customizable palettes, I’m actually considering it now..the blushes look so pretty!

  2. I’m a sucker for customizable systems! This is a great new offering from MUFE. Very tempted by these… I have their eye shadows and they’re excellent.

    1. I’ve never tried their shadows! Good to know they are quality. I think it’s genius, very consumer friendly too. I hope the powders good too!

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