Decor Inspo – Vintage Kitchen

I had so much fun posting my collection of velvet couches that I thought I’d share my vintage kitchen wants 😊 My kitchen is already red, gingham and quirky, I love farmhouse style kitchens, bright colours, mod decor. My kitchen is probably the favourite room in the apartment, just a tad small. I can’t wait to have a bigger kitchen and actual dining room some day. Although, I’d compromise on the dining room – a breakfast bar and stools suits our needs, really. I’d love a kitchen as bright and sunny as any of these. 

All of these images came from my Pinterest board and do not belong to me. Do you love bright kitchens or sleek, neutral kitchens?

Thanks for stopping by ❀

14 thoughts

    1. Agreed 😊 It’s really the only room that I think about when envisioning my dream home. Not sure what that means!! Thanks for reading 😘

  1. I plan my kitchen all the time! My current one is neutral colours and tiny, I can’t wait to move into a bigger home and be able to go mad decorating! I love the pop of colour such as the bright coloured fridge and accessories! Xx

    1. Me too! I know what you mean, my kitchen was very bland when we moved in and I’ve made a little progress but in my own home I’d do way more!

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