Back to School With Kate Spade

Disclaimer – I am not going back to school and nor did I ever have Kate Spade school supplies πŸ™‚ School supplies are still some of my favourite things to shop for, I don’t have friends yet who have school age kids but will be borrowing some when I do! I was in need of some new pens and pencils for work though! I got these cute items from Barnes and Noble, I have also found some things from this brand on Amazon but am unsure of what other retailers sell her products. I don’t go in forΒ Kate Spade handbags but I love her chic office supplies, the details are always adorable and I love the sassy vibe. I picked up a pencil bag that came with an eraser, pencil sharpener and two pencils in the characteristic black and white striped design that you will find throughout her line. I also picked up a new pack of these adorable ballpoint pens, they honestly don’t last terribly long and I did notice that there was a different style in the display but I decided to not take a chance on them – I am too much a creature of habit. The pencils are not Kate Spade but are quirky enough to be allowed on my desk πŸ˜› Who doesn’t need a pencil telling them that they are pretty?!





I don’t think that she releases very many different designs, instead you get a curated collection that adds chic flare to any work space. I am a big fan of Kate Spade office supplies and recommend for their quality and style!

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