Culling My Collection

I spent yesterday morning cleaning and culling out my makeup collection. Sleeping on your day off is for people who lead organized lives, not yours truly. Up to now, one could find makeup in pretty much any room in the apartment as I tend to travel around looking for good lighting, it all has a place but I tend to leave things about. This is how you lose things, very important things – like eye cream that I still cannot find! I recently purchased a large storage unit with 9 drawers, this is the prequel to everything ending up in there when I figure out where to put it. Right now, I use these Sterilite units that are super affordable, durable and very easy to clean. Here is where I am at after tossing all expired makeup – I mean, super expired.

Lip stuff including balms, chapstick and scrubs because one can never have enough of those:


Lipstick bullets, I don’t own a lot of these as I don’t wear them very often:


Liquid lippies, glosses and pencils. I was going to separate the nudes and then realized that they are literally all nudes aside from two purples. Liners and glosses are at the back. My collection of Velvetines are on my vanity since they get used the most:


Single shadows, duos, quads, liquid shadows and pigments:


Face shit, blushers and highlighters in no particular order. Creams and liquids are all to one side but that is as organized as it gets:


Lashes and mascaras – not all of those are open, mostly just tossed the boxes for space:


Face masks, I think my one beef with sheet masks is that they aren’t easy to store, They get bent or squished:


The must use immediately drawer, a few items that have just been around too long and I like but don’t use often enough:


Items that I use everyday or nearly everyday are on the vanity, and I have a makeup bag that includes everything for a full face that I change out every so often. My foundations and setting powders are just in a plastic insert in a bathroom drawer – I don’t like to store my foundations on their sides:


And the reason that I purchased the new storage unit, my palettes that are relegated to this bin currently until the big move:


That’s it, aside from the bag of Colourpop singles but at least they are all together now! It doesn’t look like much but I am pretty proud of my progress πŸ˜€ I feel like so much less of a slob now.

How do you store your makeup, have you found any nifty gadgets to make it easier? I would love to know!! Thanks for stopping by <3




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