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First off – my featured image has nothing to do with anything, which makes it perfect. I stopped for gas station coffee this morning, like I do on some mornings. It is one of those gas stations that has like 500 doughnuts, this morning there was a mom and a 4’ish year old kid picking one out. The mom kept yelling at the kid, Which one do you want, which one do you want. I don’t have any kids and know next to nothing about parenting but – really? As kids, we never ordered for ourselves or picked things out at the store. Why? Because kids are morons, we never knew what we wanted and in fact, sometimes picked things that we didn’t even like.  We only got 1 or 2 screw ups before that was it and we lost that freedom. I see kids ordering more in restaurants – is this a thing now? Like an independence growth thing…? Or do I just tend to get stuck behind kids, usually during the dinner rush at Chipotle? The doughnut kid was taking it like a champ, I tend to get over stimulated contemplating the pastries and probably would have started crying. I typically just end up with a plain cake and that is the type of parent that I would be – plain cake for everyone – don’t like it, too bad.


The Product of the Week is a lovely mask from boscia that I have kept in my mask stash for a couple of years now. The Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment is a go to mask for days that I want something clarifying but can be used in the couple of days following an acid peel. Some acid peels can bring a bunch of funk to the surface which is great but also irritating, this mask is good at clearing break outs, evening skin tone and reducing inflammation. This pudding is packed with a lot of neat ingredients, most that I have not heard of, like white charcoal? It is a wash off mask but I prefer to apply a thick enough layer so that I can get a good peel as it requires a bit of tugging and scrubbing to wash it off. If I can peel most of it, it is a more pleasant experience. It is fairly fragrant, not artificially so – it smells like moss…? Think natural mud 🙂 I really like this mask, I tend to use more product than needed but the tub lasts ages. I used to obsessively try and keep the black and white swirl but it’s impossible!


I always get masks in my eyebrows – don’t judge me. Also, I avoid my top lip on purpose 😀

I really like, I know that many are receiving this as a sample in their Play! boxes and hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

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