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Product of the Week – boscia

Day 45 – skin is still as dry as the Gobi, it hurts to smile, no end in sight. I am actually praying  for humidity. Speaking of deserts, who knew that Dior made a ladies’ eau de toilette called Dune? Not me but I don’t care what it smells like, the fan girl in me has to have it. Even if it reeks, I would still get to tell people that I am wearing, Dune by Dior – the scent that your sci-fi fantasies are made of. I have never smelled it so cannot actually attest to that but I stand by it 😛


I recently picked up some new boscia products and no, I did not get that jelly ball cleanser thing that has been flopping and jiggling all over social media. What is that? I just don’t get it. Along with my regular day time moisturizer, I decided to give their Tsubaki Glotion a try to liven up my complexion. I think that glotions had a moment of popularity not too terribly long ago but I never felt the need for one. This product is really gorgeous, there is no grit, it doesn’t sting, doesn’t smell terrible and adds the perfect amount of glow to my complexion. The reason that I mention the absence of grit is that this product is fairly shimmery and I was expecting a totally different texture. I was pleasantly surprised when this lotion felt as silky smooth as any other. I have been adding just a pump of this to my regular moisturizer for instant illumination. It does have a bit of a pink tone but this was honestly very sheer, I don’t think it was enough to do any colour correcting. This product is definitely not quite what I was expecting but definitely in a good way, my skin has the appearance of being dewy and hydrated even if my face feels like an over-cooked pork chop.


It is a lovely lotion if your are looking to add a little glow to your routine. Thanks for stopping by <3

Off topic, I keep collecting tiny plants – how cute are these:


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  • llindaxxo

    I had so much fun reading this Stella! Your personality really shines through your writing and it makes me smile how sassy you are at times.
    Yea, that boscia ball thing…it’s supposed to be a makeup remover and cleanser. It looks like it works, but I’m not buying into the hype. No ty. As for glowtions, I’m not into that much either. Even though the product you featured sounds good, I’m combo/oily in the summer, so I’ll be staying away!

    • Stella

      Awww, thank you – I appreciate that 💚 I think it’s great that it works but the delivery is too ridiculous! Totally, I typically go for matte products especially in the summer but this dry skin thing is driving me nuts!!

  • notyouraveragegirlygirl

    I agree with the comment from llindaxxo, as I came down here to let you know that I have found myself literally laughing out loud at every single post that I’ve read from you! Also, love the tiny plants!

    • Stella

      You are too sweet 💚 I’m glad that you enjoy my posts, that’s what makes blogging such a blast!! I appreciate it 😊 Thank you, I just caanot have enough plants!!

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