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I can’t lie – I am kinda’ ready for fall to be here and I know that it will be sooner than later but I am ready for some baking and sweater season. This summer hasn’t been too bad this year – pretty dry but also hot. I just love fall; the fashion, the food, the colours – it is by far my favourite season and I am ready for it to be here! I think that I am going to do some baking next weekend – I just can’t wait.


The Product of the Week only just became so this afternoon when I was actually out and about and said, I need more false lashes. I was as shocked as anyone by this statement. I usually have falsies on hand but I don’t wear them too often, it all started with my co-worker asking me if I wore them and what style I wore and convinced me to wear them to work. I love false lashes, they look so lovely but I stopped wearing them to work everyday when I took an office job. Not that you can’t wear them to the office, I just haven’t. The few times that I have tried to wear them were a complete disaster – glued eyelids, glue on my eyeball, lashes getting pulled out – you have to keep in practice. I was blown away the day that I popped a pair on recently and it was a breeze! I went through a pack of the Eylure Wispy style and a set of the Volume style. I like this brand because I don’t have to trim the lashes very much, they pretty much fit my eye and they also contour to my eye shape really well. Now, I haven’t used that many different styles but some can be way too long and too straight so the band is hard to conceal and they are so obviously fake. The lash band on these is very thin and flexible too, they are comfortable to wear and easy to conceal. I will use the adhesive that is included in each pack but I prefer the tarteist lash glue – that stuff is amazing. These lashes are reusable, I typically get 2-3 wears out of each pair but I am serial lash ripper. I remove them and clean them with coconut oil and they hold up well.



I definitely recommend this brand, either of these two styles are fantastic, they are affordable and easy to wear! They have quite a few different styles to suit a lot of tastes, I have wanted to try their more dramatic lashes but have nowhere to wear them to 🙂

What is your favourite lash brand?

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  • starringpamela

    Confession time, I’ve never tried false lashes! I keep hearing about this brand though and it does sound cool. Do you think an absolute beginner could use these easily as well?

    • Stella

      Hahaha!! You should, they are so much fun 😊 Yea! I used these as some of my first lashes, I think they are so easy to adjust because of the bendy lash band. Also, you don’t need a full on wing to hide them, Iike these for “natural’ looks. Sephora brand is also good and easy to apply. Take the plunge, watch Jaclyn Hill’s tutorial on applying lashes – it’s super easy!!

  • The Emma Edit

    Is it crazy that I’ve never tried false lashes before? 😮. I think if I was ever to wear them I’d get some natural looking ones like the wispy ones 😄. On a side note, have you promoted your blog in any Facebook blog groups before? I have just started my own called Blogs In Bloom 😄. I have a post about it on my blog if you want more information 💕

    • Stella

      Haha – no! I’d agree, that would be you best option for natural 😊 I haven’t but I’ll check it out – thanks for sharing 😘

  • gingersnapps

    I love Eylure! And especially the Lashes that they’ve brought out with YouTuber Fleur de Force. Those ones are super pretty and 3/4 length which is so handy for my eyes! Great post 🙂 X

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