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Being anti-social is apparently a personality disorder – when did this happen?! An article was forwarded to me (as a joke…) and even though I say that I am anti-social I am not this! I just don’t enjoy the company of most people, it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t enjoy disingenuous interactions, I don’t want or need to be asked How I amby people who don’t care and are just trying to be polite. I will walk into the lunch room and if I feel that there are too many people in it for me to enjoy my lunch, I will walk right out – life is too short to not live it in a way that makes you feel happy and content. Think of all the time and energy that is wasted on meaningless interactions when that energy could be applied to something else, to something more impactful. Silence isn’t awkward to me, forced and useless chit-chat is awkward and nerve-wracking. I sometimes enjoy human interaction, I like having discussions, I love the sharing of ideas, debate, like minded individuals getting together to talk about things we love (why else would I blog) but day to day social niceties just exhaust me. Apparently though, I better stop saying that I am anti-social because it reads borderline sociopathic. Can I be selectively anti-social? That doesn’t sound so bad 😀 But then I suppose that one could also be selectively sociopathic – meek!


We’re going off the rails here, the sample that I have for this Saturday did not come in a box – I cashed in some points for this little beauty from Bite BeautyI had not tried this brand before, the only info that that I think I knew about them was that the lippies are handmade in small batches in Canada, the brand is a heavy hitter in the clean beauty circle, and the lippies are seemingly edible being formulated with clean ingredients that are good enough to eat. I can’t lie though, reading these ingredients – I wouldn’t eat it…plus they are $26 a pop and I cannot afford to eat it.


I received the Amuse Bouche in Beetroot which is a rich, berry red with what I feel are blue undertones. I love the chic, matte grey bullet and understated branding. The whole aesthetic is very minimal and fits with the overall natural, clean vibe that this brand is known for. The lipstick is slightly citrus flavoured with grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint and mandarin extracts. It is a really faint scent, nothing overwhelming and nothing that made me want to eat it. The actual product is very soft in comparison to other bullets that I have tried, you do get a lot of pigment from one layer. It slips on the lips more than I’d like but nothing unwearable, I liked the moisture, the cream finish and pigment. I love the colour too, perhaps not one that I would have thought of purchasing but will definitely use the sample. I only wore it for 6 hours with no eating and it did transfer a bit to my cup. Otherwise, it wore well and is very lovely! There are 34 shades and I would definitely try more! You can find the entire line at Sephora!


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  • starringpamela

    Hahaha maybe instead of anti-social you can say you’re social adverse? Longer but could be a good alternative haha. Hmmm the though of eating my makeup makes me sad so while it’s a cool concept if I get the lipsticks I’ll stick to their original intended use! 😂

    • Stella

      Hahaha! Love it, sounds legit but not like a disorder 😂 I agree, it’s not a quality that I need my makeup to have! I was trying to come up with a real life situation where edible lipstick would be helpful but couldn’t. And I know that they are just selling the “clean beauty’ culture but I feel like this is too far!

  • lifewithmrst

    I am the complete opposite, I’m the one that always talks to people, sometimes very awkwardly, I genuinely need interaction or it hurts my soul, sounds sad but true. My hubby is the same as you he hates making small talk and loves being on his own. I love the idea of clean makeup although it comes with a hefty price tag usually

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