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Sample Saturday – Hanalei Beauty

We received an email at work that my place of work now has an Instagram profile. I immediately blocked them, I am calling this a Preemptive Block. I don’t like my worlds to bleed together, like that whole George Costanza and worlds colliding thing – I totally get that. Plus, there is something odd about employers being on social media platforms – this is a grey area to me. I am probably being silly as I don’t even talk about work on any of my social media platforms but it still makes me feel some kind of way. Paranoid – mostly paranoid. Side note – I joined a book of the month club and I am so jazzed about it.


Today’s sample came in an Ipsy a few months ago by Hanalei Beauty Company. It is their Aloe Soothing Gel, this gel is formulated with papaya enzyme, vitamins A, C and E. Aloe is obviously fantastic for soothing aggravated skin but this gel also claims to improve skin suppleness and have regenerative properties. First off, I may be the only person who cannot stand the smell of aloe – gag. It smells like ditch water, I grew up in rural CO and have a lot of experience with ditch water, for some reason I just associate that with aloe. This gel wasn’t too overwhelmingly scented and honestly wasn’t even that gel like. I think it is thinner than a lot of gels that I have used but I liked this, I feel that the viscosity makes it absorb quickly without any residue. Some aloe products can be greasy and I didn’t feel any greasiness or stickiness with this product.  I have been using this right after toner on super dry areas of my face and I really like it, it doesn’t pill and just adds another moisture barrier. One of the recommended uses is as a makeup primer, this would be a super light primer – I am unsure if it would really do anything? Overall, definitely an interesting product – I don’t love that the full-size comes in a jar…? The tube is just easier to use and if you wanted to use this on the body then a tube would be way better. This brand is cruelty and paraben free – is that still a thing? Are we still anti-parabens? Who knows anymore.


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  • Cheila

    I understand. I wouldn’t want coworkers to have access to my social media. I had amazing relationships with my students (all adults) but I never allowed or encouraged social media access.

    • Stella

      I’m glad!! I feel like I’m being petty but with the more recent trend of people being fired over social media posts, better safe than sorry. I totally agree!

  • starringpamela

    I totally understand what you mean about work and social media although I don’t do the same as you. I know plenty of people who block coworkers on social media and such but I’m pretty open. Haha I even have my boss as a fb friend. I don’t share a ton there though so that’s also why. I recently posted on behalf of my team on the company fb page and while I was nervous about it I was ultimately happy to have done so. Mostly though, I don’t mind if it blends together! 🙂

    • Stella

      Yea – I dunno, I’ve definitely always been like this for whatever reason. I create this tangible separation between work and life. I don’t even like running into co-workers outside of work 😂 I now have former co-workers that have become friends and that’s fine so long as we don’t work together! That’s also cool though that you are friends with your boss! Very chill and modern 😊

      • Selena Hannah

        Yes, you need to get your daily dose of parabens! Seriously though, people need to cool it on the parabens. A lot of fruits naturally produce parabens. It’s like an antioxidant. It’s not this deadly poison people make it out to be. It’s the chemical parables that are the problem, but if your product has fruit or oil in it, it most likely has natural parabens in it.

        • Stella

          Interesting, I feel like these things come and go so often. One day something is labeled a cure all for everything and the next day harmful! Like eggs! Many people still think that they are terrible but they aren’t. I’ll keep my parabens 😊

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