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Sample Saturday – Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Why is it that only 55+ folks get special apartment buildings and that this isn’t somehow considered discrimination? Why aren’t there apartment buildings for 30 year old, 9-5’ers who have their shit together and don’t want to put up with juvenile bullshit? The BF and I lived in a garden level duplex that we really loved, it was an actual duplex – not a house that was cut up into one like you see all over Minneapolis and in my opinion should be illegal. We got new neighbors at some point and it wasn’t great so we moved. We decided that we didn’t want to live under other people again and we moved way out in the ‘burbs, increased our cost of living 3 times over, thinking that this would mean we would be surrounded by other people who just want to work and live and shut the hell up. Recently we got two sets of new neighbors (the property manager claimed that there had not been an opening in this building for almost 5 years when we signed our lease, U-Hauls in the parking lot at the first of every month determined that was a lie) and they are just the type of people that we don’t jive with. Sleep all day, up all night, loud music, domestic disputes. I don’t want to get all snooty here, but I pay way too much fucking money to be hearing any bullshit. It pisses me off, if one chooses to live in an apartment – you make sacrifices, you have to be quiet. We have looked at a few houses but it just irritates me that again, we will have to move because people just can’t figure it out. And I don’t relish the idea of owning a home, when did all apartments become unlivable – what happened to the people who could live together with other people and not act like shitbags? I feel like peaceful, posh apartment living was a thing of the 90’s – everything was better in the 90’s. Maybe we should buy some apartment buildings, they would be marketed to people who can literally just shut up – I feel like that would appeal to some people. It is a really nice apartment, I should stop whining.


Sample Saturday is a dry shampoo, I am still not totally on board with the dry shampoo thing. I like the idea, I have thick, heavy hair and it takes for-ever to dry, it would be so convenient to just be able to freshen it up rather than wash it constantly. I think that I have gotten the hang of 2 dry shampoo products and have been able to use them with some success but not this one. The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo was a nightmare! I don’t love this brand, I will be honest – my hair just doesn’t get on with it but I swear that some beauty guru that I watch claimed that it was fabulous and specifically mentioned it not leaving a white residue, I was excited to try this. I really liked the way it smells, super fresh and feminine but this stuff is like chalk in a can. No white residue my ass. I don’t have super dark hair, I even have a lot of blonde in it right now from the sun and this shampoo left white streaks all over my hair. This is a powder based product that is supposed to soak up oil, I don’t know if it really did that. My hair didn’t feel oily but only because it made my hair so freaking dry and brittle. I hated the way my hair felt, weighed down and coated in chalk and hairspray. That is the best description that I can give πŸ˜› Definitely not for me, I am definitely no dry shampoo expert though so don’t take my word for this being the worst product that I have ever applied to my tresses πŸ˜€


This is definitely a trend that I want to get into, I do like one dry shampoo that I have tried from l’oreal and another from Klorane that is really good. I will report back on these at another time – thanks for stopping by <3


    • Stella

      I could see the powder working to reduce oil but it just created a ton of build up for me, could be it is just too thick. This product gets rave reviews online, it has to work for people!!

  • starringpamela

    I’ve never been able to get dry shampoo to work for me! I have oily hair and it always makes it look worse!! I hope you find a nice apartment. Honestly, sometimes houses can be the same. My parents have a house in a nice neighborhood but a family moved in and they like having loud parties late into the night! Clearly it’s a quiet neighborhood overall and they just don’t get it!

    • Stella

      Same. I’m baffled because I’ve seen it work on others, I don’t get it. That’s what worries me about buying a house, it’s harder to move if your neighbors suck! Also, the lots that these newer homes that we’ve looked at are the size of postage stamps! The developers build these huge homes right up to the easement so you are right on top of your neighbor. I’ll probably just have to move to Greenland πŸ˜”

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