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I keep trying to convince myself that I am one of those people who can keep a planner but I am slowly giving up on this 😛 Instead of writing things down that I want to do, I just want to do them. I am not a planner, I am not disorganized but I once had someone tell me that I am less concerned about the journey than the destination. I guess that makes sense – I am not impatient but I do just kinda’ wanna’ get there. Wherever there is, in this case – to the grocery store and laundry room. It isn’t like I am planning anything exciting, anyway – Target has the cutest odds and ends for projects of this nature and I was going to share a planner haul and I realized that I just bought 10 rolls of washi-tape for colour coding. Which sums up how these projects go, I don’t know what I am doing or planning – but it needs colour coding.


Instead I have a cute, little brush set from Sephora that I picked up recently. I wanted a set of travel sized, synthetic brushes to throw in my bag that wouldn’t be fussy to wash, wouldn’t be spendy enough to worry about them being squished and would be little enough that they probably wouldn’t get smooshed anyway. The Ready in 5 Brush Set checks all those boxes and it’s affordable. These are Sephora brand brushes, I generally have pretty good luck with their brushes. They aren’t the best quality but the bristles are soft, not flimsy and they hold up well with multiple washings. These smaller brushes are of the same decent quality, they are very light weight as the handles are plastic but they don’t feel cheap. I like the ombre colour scheme too and they come with a handy travel case that protects the bristles from getting bent. The smudger and angled eye brushes are probably my favs of the bunch, I have been using these on the regular but I do enjoy them all. Not a bad set for $20 if you need some low maintenance, everyday brushes!


angled eye
allover shadow


Everything that you need to create a total eye-look is included and so far I have been loving them!

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