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Some July Empties!

This post should really just be where we address my obsession with face sprays. I cannot believe that I have enough beauty trash to do a full post but also – when did I find the time to use all of these sprays?! Two of them are travel sizes but still seems like a lot, I use face spray every day and multiple times a day so I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Let’s get to the empties!!

I grew to enjoy this Ready, Set Radiant Skin Mist but only as skin care, the sprayer is good for about the first dozen uses and then it gets really spitty and it is hard to get the product out. You do have to shake this product up but it seems to me that there is something in here that separates and cannot come out of the sprayer, when you get to the bottom inch or so, all you have is a thick, sludge. Sounds gross but I just dumped it on a cotton pad and wiped on my face. It is very moisturizing and I like how it makes my skin feel. I already purchased a replacement and the same thing is happening, I still like it though.


I went through one Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea spray and one small Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater spray, both from Mario Badescu. If I could only have one face must for the rest of my life, either of these would suffice. I use these as skin care, setting spray, I even like them to just freshen up my neck and decolletage. Good, simple ingredients and my skin drinks them up. I wish the green tea one would have a little mint in there but that is the only thing that I would change. I have refills of both of these already, they are incredibly affordable.


I finished a bottle of the PUR Miracle Mist, we already know what I think about the new size and I won’t be repurchasing this but I do have another to get through as I bought them on BOGO. It is a nice product but really not worth it when there are other fabulous sprays out there.

I didn’t love this Rosewater Toning Spritz from Boots Botanics – I should have liked it but it burned my eyes. I wasn’t spraying it in my eyes, I would close them as I usually do and they just burned after I used this spray. It claimed to be 100% organic and it smelled lovely but it was unpleasant to use.


I really only had a blob of this Glossier PMR left and I had been putting off using it, then I just slapped it on my neck one night. I liked it more towards the end after I got used to the consistency but it still felt like I was rubbing margarine on my face, not unpleasant but I didn’t feel like it really absorbed. This will not be a repurchase, I didn’t love it.


More spray! But one is for hair this time, I bought this Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer on BOGO and I buy it off and on but it isn’t a must have for me. I don’t know what a hair primer is supposed to do but this one does seem to tame my frizzies and it smells nice. It is supposed to nourish, strengthen, cut dry time, soften, detangle, add shine and protect against thermal damage. I mean, yea – it did some of those things…? I liked it, I don’t need it though.


I purchased this pores no more cleanser awhile ago, it lasted quite a long time and I love this stuff. I will definitely be repurchasing as it helps with purifying my complexion without stripping or irritating it. I use it with my face brush 3 times a week and I think it is lovely and effective.

Ah! I don’t know if Good Genes will be a repurchase or not – I like it, this was my second bottle but I think my skin got to a point that it just wasn’t getting any better. My skin looks good but I wasn’t looking at it thinking, Wow, this is the best skin you’ve had in your life. A product that costs $105 should make me feel that way! I think that at some point the results plateau and why keep wasting product and money at that point. I’ll think about it, I don’t think it does anything more than the lactic acid from The Ordinary that is way cheaper though.


Not a single makeup item, maybe next month. It’s not like I don’t wear it everyday, I seem slow to get through stuff. I am looking for a good essence to add to my skin care routine, if you know of one – let me know!

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