Three Foundations Before Fall

You guys, my apartment is so clean – I invite you to eat off of any surface. Seriously, come on over πŸ˜› I mean, it is usually clean – the BF calls me the Hatchet Maid if that’s any indication of my cleanliness but it feels especially clean at the moment. I was in this cleaning/decorating mode – I ordered a new bookcase and I feel like it’s a little too contemporary. I dunno, one minute I think that I want something different – only to regret it immediately. Maybe it will just take some getting used to, it took me half my lifetime and 45 minutes just to pick it out – I better get over it and adjust.

This post would be more aptly titled Three Reasons That I Am Not Allowed to Purchase the New bareMinerals Liquid Foundation – that I so desperately want. Actually, I am of two minds about this brand releasing a liquid foundation. I have used both their serum face colour and tinted moisturizer but this is an honest to goodness, liquid foundation. Isn’t this the same brand that successfully convinced us that liquid foundation was nothing short of poison and that it should be nowhere near our faces? I remember those infomercials, Leslie, and I remember all of those things that you said about liquid foundation and I bought it hook, line and sinker. I was a mineral foundation purist from 18 to 25’ish when the world of liquid foundation became my oyster after the purchase of my first BeautyBlender. I do miss the simplicity of applying a mineral foundation and the flawless shade match but I have come to love liquid foundations. I am dying to try their new liquid foundation but must finish these up before I will let myself do so. Good news is that I love all three of these foundations and I wear foundation every day so I get through it fairly quickly! Bad news is that two of these are 3/4 full πŸ˜€


I only have like a tablespoon of the UD Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, I like this foundation a lot but I have been nursing this bottle for a while. My issue with this foundation is that it isn’t long-wearing on my skin, I tend to only wear it on the weekends. I love the coverage, I love that it is buildable, 0.5 is a perfect match for me and it has a satin finish that makes my skin look really healthy – it is a well rounded product but I wish it lasted longer. That being said, I won’t have any trouble finishing this up!


This next foundation is everything that I need in a face product and I am so bummed that NARS is now going to be sold in mainland China. I am not an economist and I get that there is a whole population of untapped cash but if you look at brands from Japan, South Korea – etc, there are very few foundation shades and lots of pastels. I just don’t see how these brands are going to be profitable in this market, only a fraction of their products will sell. Anyway, the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is gorgeous and I love wearing it. Once it is done though, I won’t be replacing it.


Finally, we have my very last bottle of Fiona Stiles Matte Foundation – this brand isn’t at ULTA anymore. Sad face. This is another gorgeous foundation, it is an in between matte that makes my skin look flawless. Another fabulous shade match, excellent coverage and long wearing.



I am lucky that these are all great foundations that I enjoy using but man, that’s a lot of product to get through *le sigh* But I am staying strong and I had better just stay out of ULTA too, I have zero self-control. Do you think I can do it? I mean, theoretically how much foundation can one put on their face? Asking for a friend…

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