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There is something profoundly American about being woken up at 10 AM on a Sunday by your neighbors building an outdoor smoker and blasting FreeBird. I don’t even know if I am mad about it, it was my own fault that I stayed up reading too late and should already have been awake but alas. Cannot wait until I get to enjoy the added odor of searing meats to round out the tableau. Anyway, the ULTA near me put out their stock of Naked Heat early and I was so excited to grab the lippies as they sold out so quickly online – they only had 1 of each! I will wait to share the collection as I only swatched the lippies so far and have not used the palette – more on this later!

I did also pick up some Tony Moly (could be only one word but I am unsure) masks because I keep seeing them everywhere and I love sheet masks. I so rarely buy them and use them immediately if they are in a subscription box, these were only a little over $3 each and I went for it. I have not dabbled in this brand, the packaging is cute but that is pretty much where it stopped for me. Funny story, I was inspecting a pot of their Peach Hand Cream which comes in a little peach shaped jar and the BF says, What is that – breast cream? I was very impressed because I was thinking – Why does this look like a nipple? 😀 Then I was thinking – What do you know about breast cream? Because I certainly don’t use it but kids, I blame the internet and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone has some knowledge of such products. I feel like this was a very R-rated story for my blog – my apologies. I won’t say breast ever again – actually, that is a lie because I am still going to blog about why I think bras are bullshit but probably not any time soon. I picked the Refreshing Orange, Skin Purifying Makgeolli, Elasticity Pomegranate and Red Wine Pore Care. I could have bought them all because they were too stinking cute but I only mask about once a week in between peels and I didn’t want them to go to waste.


I also purchased some nail polish and not 10 bottles of different nudes which I am very pleased with myself about! I only wore nude toenail polish for years after an older woman (like 80’ish who shall remain nameless but if she ever figures out how to access the internet and reads this – you know who you are) informed me that the mint polish that I was wearing made it look like I had diabetes. My response should have been, Well – joke is on you because you probably do have diabetes. But diabetes isn’t funny and even though old people are constantly coming for me, I remain polite and self-deprecating. True story, the rudest things that have ever been said to me have come from people over 60 – I don’t get it. And I don’t subscribe to the excuse that it’s just their age – people don’t just become judgemental assholes, they have probably been that way their entire lives and can try to be nice in their old age! I hope that I am nice when I am elderly, I think I will be. Back to the polish, even though I didn’t get all nudes – I did pick mostly pinks and one gold because diabetes. It is the Wet ‘n Wild One Step Wonder Gel and I like it so far. I only paint my toenails and I suck at it so I don’t splurge on polish. Also, I have no idea how to photograph polish so my apologies. Top to bottom: Condensed Milk (WTF kind of name is that), All That Jazzy, It’s Sher-Bert Day, Peach for the Stars and Stay Classy. Unsure of why I only bought 5 as they were on BOGO…? I am wearing Stay Classy, a pretty mauve that I am happy to report does not look like diabetic nail polish.


That’s it – I hope that you enjoyed this rambling  post that was mostly about nothing 😛

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